Kirby Smart Always Wanted to be Head Coach

ATHENS - About a month after Alabama escaped Georgia in the 2012 SEC Championship, Kirby Smart let reporters in on his plan.

“Ultimately, my goal in my career is to be a head coach. Where that is, I have no idea,” he said. leading up to the Tide’s last national title win in 2012.

It was a whirlwind time for Smart. His defense held on just long enough to keep a charging Aaron Murray and company out of the end zone in the Georgia Dome. That set up the Tide’s easy win over Notre Dame in the BCS Championship. But a few weeks after Alabama beat the Dawgs, Smart interviewed at Auburn for the Tigers’ head coaching vacancy. That job eventually went to Gus Malzahn. 

Since that time Smart has popped up on the radar of a few coaching searches, but for the most part his name has stayed out of coaching searches. Penn State, Texas, Vanderbilt and USC were not good fits for Smart after the 2013 season. Florida went with a head coach in Jim McElwain last fall, and Michigan already knew they wanted Jim Harbaugh after 2014. 

Nothing really made sense until this fall when it became clear that South Carolina, Virginia Tech and suddenly Georgia were open. Now that USC has filled its coaching spot, Georgia is considered the top place for a coach to land, and Smart has been linked to the job for at least the last half decade. 

Time will tell if Smart is official offered and accepts the position in Athens, but right now he’s the No. 1 candidate to be the head coach at Georgia - something he’s been interest in for years.


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