Weekend thoughts: Week 2

The loss to South Carolina was a disappointing one. Georgia had both good and bad on Saturday and BTH's Dean Legge reviews both in Week 2's Weekend Thoughts.

South Carolina looked like a team that would not allow themselves to lose Saturday night. The Phil Petty needs to be given credit for his poise on the game winning drive. He is quietly becoming one of the better quarterbacks in the SEC. Derek Watson was a no-show most of the game. For all of the talk that surrounds Watson, about how great he could be, he was a dud against the Dawgs. He was pathetic on Saturday night as the Georgia defense held him to under 20 yards. Say what you will about him leaving the game early, he was a non-factor.

Terrence Edwards' dropped balls are disappointing. Accountability will set in with this coaching staff. Edwards is man enough to be held accountable for his mistakes. Edwards is still a big time receiver, but he must be held accountable for the dropped balls.

Tim Wansley walked over to Bruce Thornton after South Carolina's game winning play and said something to him. Although I am not certain what it was, the encouraging sign was the pat on the head. It was as if Wansley was saying, "you'll get it soon enough kid, it takes time."

The kicking game, normally Georgia's strongest asset, was poor. Watson's kick return gave Carolina an easy opportunity to take the lead. The place kicking was not what it normally is, which is disappointing because that was one way that the Dawgs could have won this game.

The offense looked good moving the ball against Carolina until the Cock defense would not break inside of the redzone. Georgia cannot expect to win games without scoring touchdowns. The Dawgs had their chances to score them; they didn't and lost. This too must be adjusted in order for this season to be a successful one.

To end on a positive note, the defense was outstanding. Carolina looked confused and frustrated the whole first half and on every other drive in the second half besides the winning drive. The defense gave the offense great field position the whole second half and it appeared that the offense would take it in a score. It was not to be as Carolina had a great defense of their own.

Houston is up next for Georgia. If the coaching staff can get Terrence Edwards situated early, then the Dawgs can try to jump-start their season back to life after a disappointing loss.

The game was nothing more than a war, with the winning side having more experience on the offensive side of the ball. Carolina needs to be given credit for winning a hard fought game.


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