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Breaking Down Jim Cheney's Offense

ATHENS - Jonathan Branch breaks down Jim Cheney's offense.

1 Here’s a look at a goal line situation from the 2012 Tennessee-Georgia game. Here, Chaney utilizes his personnel package to create a mismatch with the defense. He lines up tight end Mychal Rivera in the slot between Cordarelle Patterson and the shifty Zac Rodgers. This forces the nickel corner, Damian Swann, to line up against a much bigger Rivera. Meanwhile, Rodgers is lined up inside one-on-one with inside linebacker Alec Ogletree, who is athletic but not nearly as agile as the 170-pound Rodgers.

2 Off the line, Swann has help over the top from Bacardi Rambo as they bracket Rivera. That leaves Rodgers and Ogletree in a one-on-one situation in the middle.

3 Rodgers runs a quick curl and has Ogletree guessing—he can either run out and under to the flats or continue over the middle. Either way, Ogletree has little assistance from teammates. As the play develops...

4 Rodgers drifts over the middle and into the end zone, where he catches a touchdown pass from Tyler Bray. The mismatch in personnel packaging helps generate double teams and create one-on-ones with personnel that will be advantageous to Chaney and his offense.

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