Top TV games in the South: #65 - #63

With the football season right around the corner and television games being announced often, Dawg Post Editor Dean Legge and contributing writer Quinton Grant have compiled the best 65 Southern Football television games of the fall. Take a look at the list they have completed, going from #65 all the way down to the #1 game in the South this year. Which game will it be rated the "can't miss" game of the season? Check in every weekday from now until the end of preseason practice to find out.

Louisville @ Kentucky

Week of 8/30/2003

Overall ranking: 65 Ranking for week: 4

Why this game is important:

This is the rivalry game in the Bluegrass State. For that reason alone one should turn the television on. But we have ranked this game the lowest of all television games of the season for a reason; it's just not that great. Still, with Kentucky's coaching change and Louisville's possible exit from Conference USA this game does have a few story lines. Just not nearly as many as the rest of the games this season.

Why this game is not important:

These are two basketball schools. No one cares that they play one another in football outside of Kentucky. In addition to that, this is not even a conference game; therefore it is not a must win by for either school.

To watch or not to watch:

This game is almost always on TV. If the game were on Saturday, match-ups like USC-Auburn and Georgia-Clemson would have a little more meaning. But because this game is on Sunday, it is a must watch.

Ole Miss @ Mississippi State

Week of 11/29/2003

Overall ranking: 64 Ranking for week: 6

Why this game is important:

The Egg Bowl is the most important game in the Magnolia State. Eli Manning is being publicized for the Heisman Trophy, so it is possible that this game could have some effect on the outcome of that award. Jackie Sherrill is also on his last days in Starkeville. One more win over the Rebels could save his job. David Cutcliffe's job is not that safe either. This could be a "lose and your fired" game. But our favorite reason for watching this game is that it is on Thanksgiving night. What a great way to finish off those last couple hundred calories of food!

Why this game is not important:

State has been to the SEC Championship game only once since it was created and Ole Miss is the only Western school not to participate. Neither of these teams will challenge the likes of LSU and Auburn for the SEC West title, so in terms of the SEC Championship, this game will mean very little.

To watch or not to watch:

This game is a must watch. If this game was on Saturday instead of Thanksgiving Thursday, there would be much less motivation to watch it because of games like FSU-Florida, Georgia – Georgia Tech, and Miami – Pitt. But with its Thursday night spot in tact, keep the TV on for the Egg Bowl.

North Carolina @ Clemson

Week of 10/25/2003

Overall ranking: 63 Ranking for week: 5

Why this game is important:

This game is important because Tommy Bowden could be trying to save his job by the middle of the season. Not only that, Clemson has been itching to do much better in the ACC standings for the last few seasons and you can't do that with losses to North Carolina. For the Tarheels, the Clemson game is an opportunity to climb back to respectability and perhaps to a bowl game. The loser of this game is probably looking at playing a bowl game at or very close to Christmas day.

Why this game is not important:

Neither school has challenged for the ACC title in the last decade. Sure Clemson was 9-3 in 2000 and UNC had some powerful teams in the mid to late 1990s, but neither has challenged Florida State for the ACC crown. Not only that, both schools have been passed by Virginia, Maryland, and NC State lately. Clemson and UNC had a combined record of 0-6 against those teams last season. Neither of these two schools are top tier ACC teams.

To watch or not to watch:

This is an ESPN2 or JP sports type game so it might not interfere with the huge SEC games that weekend (Tennessee-Alabama and Auburn-LSU). In the conference, this game competes with Maryland at Georgia Tech. And while this game is not all that great, its not all that bad either.

65. Louisville @ Kentucky

64. Ole Miss @ Mississippi State

63. North Carolina @ Clemson

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