SEC Media Days recap

News and Notes from this year's Media days in Birmingham, AL.

Vanderbilt Head Coach Bobby Johnson.

"We should be able to get players at Vanderbilt and compete. We are not that far from it. There is some light at the end of the tunnel"

"We only have one senior on defense. We are an entirely young team. They took their lumps last year. I think they are good players but it is hard to compete with freshmen."

Strengths of the Vanderbilt program –

"We are good at quarterback. It is tough to compete without one. He has gotten bigger and he has learned what we want in an offense."

"We will be more reliable on defense. Hopefully we will not give up too many big plays."

"The guys on our football team are not losers. The team has met my expectations. We have attracted some pretty good recruits to Vanderbilt. People respond to our product. I think that we sign players that prove good players will come to Vanderbilt."

On Vandy's SEC losing streak -

"We expect it to end this year. We are trying to win everything we can. Our guys want to win as much as any other team in the SEC."

On Vanderbilt's status in the SEC -

"We have a lot to offer the SEC. We have rivalries in the SEC. We are going to try to contribute to the league."

On SEC Football

"People are serious about it. It's great to get wrapped up in that stuff. I was flabbergasted to see the pageantry in the SEC."

On Vanderbilt's no cussing policy

"Our guys are getting in the habit of it. I'm not taking names or anything like that, but we want to have a civilized practice."

Arkansas' Houston Nutt

"In the SEC West there are such good teams. No one can say "that's a win, that's a win." It's good football and you have to be ready to go."

"I am worried about Texas and Tulsa. Each SEC game is so critical. It's hard to pinpoint teams during your season."

"All our fans want to talk about is Texas. But we play Tulsa first. Its such a big rivalry. Everyone wants tickets. Our fans are so excited about playing Texas; I don't know about our coaching staff enjoying playing Texas. "

"Don't say we have Auburn's number. It is hard to play at Fayetteville and Little Rock. I think it is difficult to beat us at home. Each team has this: "Oh, we have to play at Little Rock. Playing at home is a 7-10 point advantage, in my opinion."

"Football is a year round job."

"Replacing our punter will be our number one challenge of the season."

On Jared Lorenzen

"He finished up the spring in good shape. I am not concerned with the actual amount on weight that he is, but if he is in good shape. I want him to be in as good condition in the 4th quarter as he is in the 1st."

On Kentucky's Football difficulties in the past –

"Their facilities weren't too good. They didn't have the commitment to football as the did to basketball. They had too many coaching changes. They had too many recruiting philosophies."

On playing 2 quarterbacks:

"My philosophy has been to play only 1 quarterback. But Shane Boyd has changed my mind. Both quarterbacks will line up together and defenses will have to figure out where the ball will go."

On Derek Abney

"He has speed, guts and toughness. He has a fearless attitude, very similar to Tim Dwight. My goal is to make him as dangerous on offense as he is on special teams. He will be in on reverses. He won't get as many chances on punts this year. I would be surprised if people kick it to him this year."

On Mike Archer:

"He has knowledge of the SEC based on his head coaching experience at LSU. I believe he is an outstanding football coach. He is a much better coach because of his time in the NFL. He will put together a good defense for us."

On Kentucky's talent

"We have a team that can surprise people. But we have to take it one game at a time."

On Pressure and Expectations

"I hope that there is pressure on me. I want there to be expectations. I want to win now. We have some problems, but we are bowl-eligible. We are in the low 70s with scholarships, and that hurts. We need to develop young guys. Kentucky has had a long dry spell and it is time for that to change.

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