Legge's Thoughts: Worst Loss in Fox Era

ATHENS - I got to about 1991, and I decided I was wasting my time.

A 34-point loss at home speaks for itself. 

Mark Fox and UGA’s 79-45 loss to No. 15 Texas A&M today was as bad a conference loss as I have seen for Georgia basketball in my lifetime - or at least the lifetime that I can recall. 

How does this bad happen? Not by luck - I can assure you of that. 

Georgia shot its lowest shooting percentage of the year (28%), A&M shot the best percentage against UGA of any foe this season (53%) and UGA had only player in double figures - Yante Maten.

A&M had three in double figures. 

I guess the rest of the Bulldogs decided it was their off week.

“We just got embarrassed,” guard J.J. Frazier said after the game. 

Something like that. I would add exposed and reeling towards another season of inconsequential or no post-season basketball. This is a program with Charles Mann and Kenny Gaines in their final season in Athens, no one is going to care one bit if they finish their careers up as a No. 1 seed in the NIT. 

Georgia should be further along than this at this point in the season; certainly further along than this seven years into Fox’s tenure. Bad losses happen in sports, but they shouldn’t happen at home, and the other team should certainly never defeat you by nearly as many points as you scored. 

Now the path to the NCAAs seems much more problematic. That’s not because Georgia lost to a team it’s not as good as; its because of the way in which it loss. Did these guys even want to be there? Didn’t seem like it. Are they going to be interested in playing at Missouri on Wednesday? That’s now a must-win game. Is this group, sitting at 2-3 in SEC and 9-6 overall, really dependable? I read somewhere that UGA doesn’t have any bad losses. 

They just got their asses handed to them by 34 points at home - if that’s not defined as a bad loss I’m not sure what is.

This is the second contest in a row where UGA has come out either flat or feeling sorry for themselves. Unlike the win over mediocre Tennessee, A&M wasn’t interested in forfeiting its lead. The Toy Soldiers simply took their 15-point halftime lead, and increased it by another 19 in the second half to complete the worst loss of Fox’s tenure in Athens. 

A&M is fighting to win a championship; Georgia is fighting to be “good enough”.

Lots of folks are going to draw a straight line from today’s performance to Mark Richt’s firing a few weeks ago. I don’t think I’m quite ready to do that yet. But there are only so many more chances Fox has to get this right before the post-season arrives. 

If Mark Richt was fired for winning 50 games in five seasons, what does that mean for Mark Fox, who has yet to guide UGA to a win in the only event that matters in his sport?

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