Exclusive Dawg Post Recruiting Nuggets

Dawg Post's exclusive news and notes from the first big recruiting weekend of the Kirby Smart era.

--  I had one prospect tell me "Elijah is the ringleader" and he is really cool to be around.  Guys like him, they listen to him, and gravitate towards him.  He is very laid back and when he speaks, it is the truth, and he was in the ear of numerous guys this weekend.  Just know, he is a GOOD ONE for many reasons.


--  Tre Nixon was hosted by Jacob Eason and Nixon loved his time in Athens.  He said, "Jacob was telling me all the time how he wants to throw balls my way."  Nixon got a lot of attention from Coley and UGA has made a move here I am hearing.  Expect a full update on Nixon later this evening.  As I type this, he is on a plane back to Fla.


--  Jarvis Wilson was the host for Florida commit Jeawon Taylor and I heard things went very well here.  Taylor just recently left Athens and I hope to have more on him in the next 24 hours.  What I do know is what I have been saying for a couple of weeks — keep an eye on this one.  The Dawgs and Kirby Smart have made a big impression here.  


--  Tyler Simmons said, "Georgia is building something very good" after spending time in Athens this weekend.  The Dawgs gave him something to think about.  He said this about UGA's plan, "They want to use me at Wildcat, slot, wideout, and at running back".  I asked if UGA is coming after him hard, and he said, "I do not think Kirby is going to take no as an answer from me."  Terry Godwin was his host.  UGA will be back to see him again this week.


--  From Brian Burns who is at the airport right now, so I hope to have more from him:  "I learned a lot this weekend at Georgia.  I witnessed the players bond with the coaches and how close they are with each other.  UGA is a place where I could live.  It was a great experience."  Florida was once considered the favorite by a decent margin, but Georgia is trending a little here.  

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