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ATHENS - More than 1,600 words recapping the exclusive Dawg Post recap from Monday night.

feroc15 wrote: How do we look with Mack Wilson after his visit?

Chad Simmons: UGA is in a better position. Kirby and the staff really impressed Mack and his group. 


Florida is still his top school, so he says, after the visit, but UGA is in this.  I still see it as a tough pull, but Georgia is a contender. 


Wilson LOVES Kirby Smart, but he and his family LOVE Alabama, too.  He has no idea what Pruitt is about yet, but he does have a good connection with Bo Davis, the Bama DL coach.  Florida gets the final OV as well.


Just a tough pull here, but not out of the question.

ColumbusOhioDawg wrote: We are currently at 16 (including soft) for the class of 2016.  Assuming we get another 1-4 five stars candidates (as mentioned in the "what we are hearing" article, who is left to make up the delta of 25? 

Chad Simmons: Only they can truly answer that... They will have a feeling where they have to make the call — whether to wait or offer someone else. I know reaching 25 is the plan, but could they go 23-24, and not reach for someone else, yes.  They could hold a spot or two for 2017 if they feel that is the best decision.


This is a very good question though and this is something Kirby gets paid the big bucks to do.

albdawg wrote: 

Dean Legge: We will know more as the spring comes along. Right now I've not heard anything behind the scenes that say its going badly, or that there are any setbacks.

DSGB2004 wrote: I know the coaches saw Justin Crawford today but why haven't we offered this kid? Turman has yet to see the field, nobody is sure how healthy Chubb will be, Marshall is gone, Crowder looks like a fullback so all we can rely on right now is Douglas, Sony, and a true freshman in Holyfield. You can never have enough depth at RB so why the slow play?

Chad Simmons: There is a chance he gets an offer.  He has talked with McGee a couple of times since he took over as RB coach, but no offer yet.  I know McGee likes him.  I am with you, I think UGA needs two RBs in this class.  I have heard UGA sees Crawford on Tuesday, not Monday, but I will check into it to confirm.


I know he WANTS an offer from Georgia.  It would be a BIG DEAL to him.

ELDawgy wrote: a late QB even if it's a preferred walk-on. Any Hutson Mason types out there this year?

Dean Legge: I'm not sure there are any guys out there, but they need to take another QB.

Chad Simmons: As far as a QB offer... Do not see it.  Preferred walk-on is always a possibility.  I have not heard of any.


UGA will sign two QBs in 2017.

crawfordcodawg wrote: Any chance Callaway is a plan B and if so will he wait? Also Dean says you may be able to expand on why D-Rob to us is still a possibility despite the Notre Dame chatter.

Chad Simmons: I am still a little surprised UGA is not involved more with Callaway.  Not saying they will not make a late run, but they have not been on him much lately. I do not think he is sitting there waiting for UGA... Right now, Tenn and Ole Miss feel they have a good shot with him.


Dee is a possibility until the papers are signed.  He is tough to cover.  There is so much chatter back there...  I am definitely hearing he is being pushed a little to get out of Ga.  Notre Dame I can say with confidence feels good about him right now... I am hearing they worry more about Bama than UGA.


If UGA gets him on campus Jan. 29, UGA is in play.  Stanford has not been in play for him in some time.

korleone05 wrote: Any chance we make a run for Marquez Callaway, Devwah Whaley, and Landon Dickerson???

Chad Simmons: Not Whaley based on what I have heard.


Trying to get Dickerson on campus for a visit.  We will see later this week if that is possible.  I do not see UGA as a player here.


Callaway is a little mystery to me.  I feel UGA should be on him, but as of late, they have not.

sumter wrote: Who's on the radar for sleeper/late target for this class like Chotes last year?

Chad Simmons: Korey Banks is a guy without an offer Schumann met with Monday.


Currently committed to UNC.  Could see him visit.


UGA talked with him about a Jan 29 official visit today.  He is a name to keep an eye on.

petersramspirit wrote: What percentage would you give for Derrick Brown and Michael Carter to sign with UGA and also what would you give percentage wise for the other 5 stars

Percentage numbers are tough... That stuff can change within the hour or the next day.


Chad Simmons: On Brown, I still feel UGA signs him as of today, but it is a TIGHT race.  55-percent.


Carter.  I feel UGA has a little better shot with him RIGHT NOW -- 60-percent.


Robertson - 40-percent


Hardman, Jr. - 80-percent


Burns - 55-percent after intel I gathered today


Warrior - 40-percent

Berlusconi wrote: Chad, how does EJ Price visiting Auburn the last weekend shake things up? He’s an extremely important part of this class.

Chad Simmons: I have heard that has changed.


Auburn this weekend, then UGA last weekend.


I still like UGA here.

smburton wrote: Where do we truly stand on the mack and Davis and brown?

Chad Simmons: I do not sugarcoat things, so whatever I say, it is what I truly think or truly know, but do not think I just post things to get a response. 


It is the same as I have been saying on all:


-  I think Mack goes to Bama.  UGA is in this ALL because of Kirby Smart.  Not as unrealistic as it once was, but still a tough pull.

-  I still see Ben Davis going to Alabama like his mother and father did.

-  I like Georgia with Derrick Brown at this time over Auburn.

davidoliver wrote: How many OL will we take in this class and who are we most likely to finish with on OL?

Chad Simmons: I think UGA takes 5.  Have 3 now, add Price, and then one more... That fifth one could be a name we have yet to talk about.

doingbusinessas wrote: Why is Robertson's brother/guardian seemingly pushing away from UGA? It's not academics - he was committed to Bama once and looked to be leaning that direction again before we hired Kirby.

Chad Simmons: It is not all about his guardian... Mother is involved too.  It is very tricky... I can tell you NOBODY really knows what is going on here... Bama does not feel they have a GREAT hance... ND likes their spot right now... UGA feels they are in it...  ND feels UGA is out, but Bama is a threat...  Stanford has not been involved in a while, but most still felt the Cardinal is the team to beat.


There is a lot floating around.  We just have to see if he shows up at Bama this week, where he ends up Jan 29, and go from there.  This is one of the toughest recruitments I have had to follow in all of my years in the business.

AK Dawg wrote: Is it realistically possible Georgia ends up with the #1 class after all the dust settles on signing day?

Chad Simmons I would say a long shot right now. 


Is it possible?  Yes.


They are still involved with enough elite talent that if the chips fell right, they could be up there.

Dean Legge: No. Not enough players. Dawgs won't have too many past 25. Other schools will have more than that, which will make the difference.

DubyaTeeIn wrote: Chad - give us your latest intel on Derrick Brown

Dean Legge: I talk to different people connected to top prospects... Relationships is key to everything.  Based on what I hear concerning Brown through my contacts, I still put UGA in a good position at this time.  Tight race? Yes.  Auburn a threat?  Yes.  But, Georgia is still in a good place just over two weeks out.

DubyaTeeIn wrote: does Nigel Warrior end up taking an OV to Georgia?

Chad Simmons: I’ve been told he is working on that.  That needs to happen for UGA to have a true chance IMO. Nothing officially set yet.

dawgfan12388 wrote: Gun to head, who do these in state guys ink w/ if NSD was today?

Chad Simmons: 

Mecole - UGA

Robertson - ND

Brown - UGA

Carter - UGA

Simmons - BAMA

Warrior - BAMA

Price - UGA


These are the most important guys left IMO. Anything else (Nixon, Davis, Wilson, Taylor, etc) would be icing on the cake. 

Dean Legge: 

Mecole - UGA

Robertson - ND, Bama or UGA - Too close to call. 

Brown - UGA

Carter - UGA

Simmons - Bama

Warrior - UT

Price - UGA

theboyracer45 wrote: Dean, curious to know what you are hearing about the off-season workouts under the new S&C staff? What are same of the big differences we can expect in this area compared to Hocke last year or previous years?

Dean Legge: Just real positive stuff about how good the new staff is going to be. Nothing new about what they have in store. In terms of what differences compared to Hocke: I'd say less jumping and or screaming.

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