ABH's Josh Kendall talks about Dawgs

Athens Banner-Herald beat writer Josh Kendall spoke with Dawg Post's Dean Legge about the 2003 season. See what he said inside.

Athens Banner-Herald beat writer Josh Kendall spoke with Dawg Post's Dean Legge about the 2003 season.

Do you think that Georgia can win the SEC East?

"I think that its going to be difficult for them just from a numbers stand point. Because they have to go to Tennessee, and if you lose that game; that game is in Knoxville and its not a certain win and probably closer to a loss. Then you would have to figure that as strong as the SEC is, with LSU and Auburn, that they will have a loss somewhere else in league play. And that means that Tennessee has to lose three games, so I think that it is unlikely, but it could happen that they win the East."

What do you think about Coach Richt rotating quarterbacks?

"It certainly has plenty of potential for disaster but they worked it well last year. He says that he is going to more of it. It certainly is entertaining. I think that at any point, it could bite you. But they handled it well last year."

I don't know if you have seen Kregg Lumpkin but do you think that a freshman can come in a run the ball for an SEC team?

"Absolutely. I think that Georgia fans know that as much as anybody. Running the ball is the easy part. Kregg Lumpkin I am certain is prepared to come in and run the ball for Georgia. What he has to do is figure out how to pass protect and block and figure out how to run a couple of routes because you can't have a situation where everytime he's in the game they know that he is going to get the ball. He's got to learn enough of the other things to get onto the field and once he gets on the field I think that, absolutely, he is capable of running the ball."

Do you think that this offensive line can develop or do you think that it will be harder than some people think?

"I think that the offensive line should be pretty good. They are very talented and physical. That can make up for a lot of experience. I think that they will play very physically. I think that they will grow up pretty quickly. They are all smart guys. I just don't think that the line is going to be a huge weakness. Its not going to be as good as it was last year or as consistent, but it is not going to be a huge glaring weakness. At least once the third of fourth game gets here."

What do you think that the weakness will be?

"I think that the weakness will probably be, I don't know. I think that they need some home run hitting ability in the backfield. Defensivly, the linebacker have got to play well. The linebackers are also very talented and physical but they have got to play smart and not get out of position. I think the three that they had last year understood that gap defense and taking their responsibilities seriously and that's what they have got to do."

Do you think that David Pollack will play as well as he did last season considering that Jonathon Sullivan is gone?

"Well you can't replace Sullivan. But they've got about four 300-pounders in the middle that play pretty well. A couple of the guys in that groups could have good seasons. Not Sullivan-like seasons, but good seasons. I think that Pollack will have a good season regardless of who is in the middle. But will he have the season that he had last year? You can't expect any body to repeat something like that."

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