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UGA's Critical 8 Days - In Basketball

ATHENS - This is a critical week in recruiting, but stick with me a moment while I talk Georgia basketball.

Hey, thanks - I really do appreciate you clicking into this article. I’m not being smart, either. I have the numbers. I know what folks click into, and what they don’t. Basketball, sadly, is not a big eyeball catcher right now even though we are in the heart of the season. 

We’ve hit a critical time for Mark Fox and his Bulldogs. By the time Signing Day arrives in Athens in eight days we will know if UGA’s basketball team is likely headed to the NCAAs for the third time in Fox’s seven years, or if this season will be another long slog into a meaningless post-season destination, and the inevitable questions that come after that about what the future looks like.

Make no mistake, the slate is challenging - at LSU, at No. 17 Baylor and vs. South Carolina. Simply put: The Dawgs can’t lose all of those games and realistically think they are going to get into the NCAAs. They are going to have to win at least two or the three, and even that might not get them into the Big Dance. 


Georgia has no good/big wins. Georgia’s best win (as of Monday night) is over No. 68 Georgia Tech. The Bulldogs are 0-4 against teams in the top 50 (I should note right here that there are only 68 teams in the tournament), and 3-5 against the top 100. LSU (No. 92), Baylor (No. 26) and South Carolina (No. 28) serve as an great opportunities, but the Dawgs are sort of running out of time and opportunities to move up. That’s why this week is so critical. 

After this week Georgia will have only three more contests against Top 50 teams - and two of them are on the road. Mark Fox’s combined record Lexington and Columbia is 3-8.

The point?

Its time to get going. The Dawgs are almost a touchdown underdog in Baton Rouge - already the betting public thinks they are in trouble tonight.

So the path, which includes at least 13 more games, will almost certainly have to involve winning 20 games. UGA sits at 11-6 overall. Going 9-4 over the next 13 games doesn’t seem that hard to do. But if Georgia doesn’t get some legit wins along the way that 20-win mark will be impressive for the record book, but won’t be enough to get them into the Big Dance. 

And getting into the Big Dance is all that matters.

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