Mark Richt's Weekly Press Conference

<b>On Tuesday's national tragedy:</b> "I have a really heavy heart about what is going on. It is just incredible what we are witnessing. I don't think we really realize fully what is going on right now. This game and the game of football seems pretty insignificant right now to me. Although I think we are all called to do our jobs. Everybody needs to do their job and that's what we are going to do."

On rebounding from the loss to South Carolina:
"I think the players as of last night are trying to rebound from the hurt of the loss and the way it happened and trying to understand why it happened when they did so man things right. I think both sides of the ball realize that we have not reached our full potential yet. We still have a long way to go to get better, but I do believe that we did not lose the game because of a lack of effort. I think that the effort was outstanding."

General comments on Houston:
"The tape I have seen of them (showed) they are very physical hitters on defense. They are not intimidated by anything. I watched last year's (Houston vs. LSU) game and you could tell by the film that LSU wasn't taking them lightly. LSU looked like they were playing their 'A' game and Houston was with them step for step ... They are a physical bunch of guys on defense for sure.

"Offensively they are on one extreme or the other. They will get into a two back situation and try to hammer you and then the next time you turn around they are in a four wide receiver set trying to spread the field and so I am not sure how they will attack this particular game. "We are going to have a challenge. We are going to have to come out and play the best we can play to beat this team. I do think the attitude of the team is very good, considering the situation of losing (to South Carolina)."

On Georgia's injury situation:
"(Defensive tackle) Shedrick Wynn's wrist is sore to the point where they think there could be a small fracture. They X-rayed it and didn't see it. Sometimes you don't see a little hairline thing, but they are treating it as if it is a little crack. (Running back Kenny) Bailey is definitely out but he is improving ... Kenny had a shoulder separation that did not require surgery, but the AC joint will separate and then it takes a little bit of time to come back into place and so he will not play this week. (Offensive tackle) Kareem Marshall's thigh kind of got a deep bruise and he is a little bit limited today."

On the quarterback situation:
"I think every position is up for grabs as far as competition. Right now (David) Greene is the No. 1 quarterback and I am very solid on that decision. As far as who is No. 2, I think weekly we are observing what (Cory Phillips and D.J. Shockley) are doing as they prepare and any given week there could be a change as to who the second guy going in is. I feel like the only way for Shockley to get better is to be put into a ballgame. But he still has a ways to go to what I would consider game ready. Now is he game ready to get some snaps in a real calm situation? He is ready for that. Is he ready to go in there and win a game for you? I'm not sure he is ready for that. Right now I am trying to make his experience a positive one. If and when we get him in there I do not want him to go in there and make him feel like he has to win a game and he makes a mistake that freshman make. It is tough on their psyche and so I want to be careful with what we do. I do believe he is making improvements right where he is at."

The following are quotes from Georgia's football press conference Tuesday:

David Greene, RFr., QB
"I've never experienced cramps before. I guess I didn't stretch enough. In the second half, it just grabbed me. It was tough (coming out of the game) after playing most of the game. Being that close, I wanted to be in the game. Coach (Mark Richt) made the decision to put Cory (Phillips) in. I just hoped we'd put it in the end zone."

On Terrence Edwards:
"He (Edwards) seemed pretty confident after the first drop. We have confidence in Terrence, he's our go-to guy. He's proved himself before." "I think our team's pretty close. We had a good practice yesterday. Everybody was excited to be out there. We're ready to play Saturday."

Curt McGill, Sr., C
"Saturday night (after the game) I was ready to go again with South Carolina. It was a tough loss. I didn't feel as bad after I watched the film and saw how well we played."

On Houston:
"They have a lot of junior college players. They're fast. They fly around the ball and they're hard hitters. We'll have our hands full."

Charles Grant, Jr., Rush
"I feel like we'll work harder this week than last week. If we don't work hard, we'll let our season slip away. We'll get ready to play Houston, they'll be ready to play us. I hope it will be a great game."

Verron Haynes, Sr., FB
"(Houston is) a team that will not give up. They will fight you. We're taking this game like South Carolina and every other game. We'll give it our best shot and fight until the end." On the running game: "We've prospered compared to last year. I think we've come a long way. We'll continue to work hard."


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