Eason Signs w/ UGA: What It Means

Dean Legge explains what Jacob Eason signing with UGA means.

What it means: Georgia has its quarterback of the future. When that future starts seems to be the question. Many folks have been quick to say that Eason will be the starting quarterback for UGA this fall… we are a long way from that happening, even if it is not out of the questions. Eason has prototypical height and arm strength to be a special player in UGA’s pro-style offense. The Washington native can deliver throws from various throwing tables. There are times he makes a splash with a “wow” throw. He also throws off of his back foot too often and is completely inexperienced in the pocket. Learning to live in the pocket will be a new and challenging reality for the talented playmaker. Mike Bobo told me this spring he throws the best deepest ball of any prospect he’s ever seen. 

What we don’t know is how Eason will grow into the spotlight. Georgia fans will expect the moon from him as soon as the spring game, but Eason needs time to get used to everything he will be doing for the first time. He has to rid himself of bad habits, and that will most certainly take time. He will have to understand, identify and call out protections. He will have to adapt to the speed of not only college football, but college football in the best conference in the country. If he is named the starter at some point in 2016, he will have to take firm grasp of the team. Greyson Lambert never did that in 2015, and much of that was a combination of him being a newcomer and constantly making on-field mistakes. Eason would go through both in 2016 if he started. 

Perhaps more than anything Eason will have to get used to the life that is being a superstar in Athens. Socially he’s going to have to deal with people wanting to know him just for him being “famous”. He’s going to have to know that folks will be recording his every move in the world of Vine and Twitter than Aaron Murray and Matthew Stafford never had to deal with, and trust me when I tell you that those two had plenty of fun in Athens. That will be a challenge. 

Dean Legge saw him live: 2014 Dawg Night; 2015 QB Challenge; 2015 Dawg Night; 2015 Tahoma at Lake Stevens 

Brandon Huffman says: Eason has tremendous arm strength, throws with great accuracy and consistency and shows good touch on his throws. He's really flourished the past year in his field vision, going through his reads and finding the open receiver. He can really spin it and knows when to take something off his throws. He's not the fastest quarterback, but he's still decently mobile.

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