Carter Signs w/ UGA: What It Means

Dean Legge explains what Michail Carter signing with UGA means.

What it means: This one was very close. The Bulldogs had to hold off a very late and strong push from Alabama for Carter. He didn’t make tons of plays when I saw him play twice, but he’s a physical defensive lineman prospect, and often those guys are not required to make plays - or their job is to get the attention of the offensive line. He’s from a small town in middle Georgia - Carter is going to have to develop over time.

Dean Legge saw him live: 2104 Mary Persons at Jackson; 2015 Jackson at Mary Persons

Chad Simmons says: Carter can take over in the trenches at times in high school. He has a great frame and size for a college coach to work with. One of his biggest strengths is overpowering offensive linemen. More than anything, that is his ticket to success right now. He needs to work on his first step off the ball and his moves. He has good athleticism and the ability to move and get into the backfield. As he improves his technique and pad level, watch out.

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