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What to Expect on Signing Day

Chad Simmons breaks downs what UGA fans should expect at this late hour on Signing Day.

Derrick Brown

RIGHT NOW:  Not much has changed... Still hearing UGA has a real chance, but nothing has been leaked and he has not let coaches know as I type this.  Right now, I still say Auburn, but Georgia and Tennessee still in the race.  Nobody feels overly confident about this one.  I just cannot say UGA yet. 


Brian Burns

RIGHT NOW:  As it has been for a little while now, FSU trending in a big way.  UGA made it a race.


Michail Carter

RIGHT NOW:  Staying with who I have been saying for months and months... I feel Georgia wins out in this race over Alabama.


Ben Davis

RIGHT NOW:  Never a real shot imo.


Mecole Hardman Jr.

RIGHT NOW:  Georgia... Nothing has changed for me on this one in six months.


David Marshall

RIGHT NOW:  Not changing... Said before he visited officially two weeks ago that Georgia had a real shot.  I feel they flip him from Auburn.


Demetris Robertson

RIGHT NOW:  Wait and see... If he visits Georgia, I really like their chances.  Does not plan to sign on Wednesday.


EJ Price

RIGHT NOW:  Georgia over USC.  Auburn third in the race.  Closer than the experts think imo with USC having a realistic shot.  I think he stays home.


Tyler Simmons

RIGHT NOW:  Georgia flips another one.  This one is very close as I type this.  Alabama is working him, but UGA has out-worked Bama over the past five to six days.  


Jeawon Taylor

RIGHT NOW:  Feeling he stays with Florida.  The visit to UF went great and UF was in the game far before UGA.


Jauan Williams

RIGHT NOW:  Looks to be all but signed with FSU, but Pittman put UGA in the final two.


Lyndell Wilson

RIGHT NOW:  Bama...  I have felt forever he was going to Bama, and even though he loves Kirby, this one would shock me if it went UGA's way.  

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