Hardman Signs w/ UGA: What It Means

Dean Legge explains what Mecole Hardman signing with UGA means.

What it means: He’s the best skill prospect I have seen live since probably pre-injury Caleb King or maybe Malcolm Mitchell. Hardman can do things other guys simply can’t. I filmed him at Dawg Night in 2015 running backwards as fast as his foe was running forward. It was amazing. he was equally as good - playing quarterback no less - when Elbert County ran away from Cedar Shoals last fall. Hardman is the one person in this class who can be a game changer right away. He projects to be a weapon his entire time at Georgia. I have him as my top overall playmaker and prospect in this class, and considering some of the high-powered stars in this class that’s saying something. Winning him is a major get for the Bulldogs. A major get. 

Dean Legge saw him live: 2014 MVP Camp; 2014 Elbert County at Laney; 2015 Dawg Night; 2015 Glenn Hills at Elbert County; 2015 Elbert County at Cedar Shoals

Chad Simmons says: Whatever you want Hardman to do - he can. And he can do it fast. One of the most explosive prospects in the 2016 class. What a burst he has when he gets the football. He is so good on offense, but could he be even better as a corner? He is a legit candidate to play both ways on the next level due to his size, athleticism, and skill-set. He is very similar to Terry Godwin in 2015 with the ability to play anywhere.

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