McGhee Signs w/ UGA: What It Means

Dean Legge explains what Tyrique McGhee signing with UGA means.

What it means: McGhee survived the transition from Mark Richt’s UGA to Kirby Smart’s - that means he’s doing something right because not every three-star player survived that slog. McGhee is small, but explosive. He would be higher ranked if he had more length. He will fight you; meaning he’s not afraid of contact. It will be interesting to see where he fits into the future at Georgia. Here is a kid that comes from a program that’s a much of winners. Usually those kids do OK at the next level. He’s also a touch raw - moving out of middle Georgia into prime time will be interesting to watch as well. McGhee might have a chip on his shoulder beaches he’s small and not highly-rated, and that would be OK if he can back that sort of thing up. Time will tell. 

Dean Legge saw him live: 2015 MVP Camp

Chad Simmons says: Smart, tough, and explosive. McGhee is not going to be the biggest corner on the field in most situations, but he is gritty, he is not scared to mix it up, and he can flat-out cover. His recovery speed may be his best trait, but he has a lot to like. He consistently jumps over 40-inches when tested, so he is explosive out of his breaks and he does not shy away from contact. Quietly plays with confidence too, which is big as his position.

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