University officials plan to play on Saturday

Georgia continues to prepare to play Houston. It is not certain if the game will be delayed, canceled, or played this weekend.

It will be all the more difficult to focus this weekend on football with the events surrounding Tuesday's attack on New York and Washington. Between the Hedges staff contacted the University of Georgia Sports Information Office Tuesday afternoon and at that time UGA SID indicated that no changes had been made to the schedule and that this weekend's game against Houston will go forward as previously scheduled.

It is not clear yet how or if Houston will travel it to Athens. Because of the distance between Texas and Athens and the circumstances surrounding air travel it is doubtful that the game could get underway if the FAA restricts commercial flights in the United States.

The NCAA released a statement saying that the organization's "focus is entirely on the safety of student-athletes, athletics personnel and fans."

Already several games have been canceled due to the attack on America. Penn State and Virginia, which had originally been scheduled to play Thursday night, has been postponed indefinitely. Pennsylvania was the third area in the US that was affected by the airplane attack on America.

"We urge schools to make sound decisions about proceeding with contests today and in the coming days," stated the NCAA.

At the time this article was written the SEC had not yet released a statement concerning the attacks and the effect that the attacks would have on this weekend's games.

One thing is certain; games will most certainly be different in terms of security. Less leeway will be given to students and fans in terms of items that are brought into stadiums across America.

The threat of terrorists is very real. While the World Trade Center had a reported 50,000 people on average working inside its facilities, stadiums across the South can get as large as 90,000. It would be naive to think that such a large concentration of people would not be considered a possible target by terrorists. For this reason, expect tighter security in the wake of these vicious attacks on America.

However, at this time, Georgia is still set to play Houston on Saturday.

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