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What We Are Hearing

In politics the notion of the post mortem is a a common thing. It is a look at what went right, wrong and hopefully what can be done to correct issues that crop up. The fact of the matter is that, in recruiting, the post mortem is usually pretty quick.

So here we sit nearly two weeks after Kirby Smart’s first Signing Day, and now is the time where the “truth” starts to seep out about the class that just signed. 

Two different sources have told me that UGA was never going to sign Derrick Brown - not after Mark Richt was fired. It had nothing to do with Richt himself, instead it had to do with timing. Richt wound’t have signed Brown, either, and we know that Kirby didn’t sign Brown. 

By the time Richt was guiding the Bulldogs to their 13th win over Georgia Tech this century, Brown had already decided that he was going to sign with Auburn. 

“That was a done deal the weekend he went to the Alabama-Auburn game in November,” one highly-placed source said. 

But this is recruiting, and even though that was the way it was going to be, Brown kept up the show that Alabama, UGA, Tennessee and Auburn were all still in the boat with the run up to Signing Day. Some media outlets were played along the way - reporting that Brown’s interest in other schools besides Auburn was very serious. It might have been, but, again, he was only ever going to sign with the Tigers after that November trip to the Plains.


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