Preparations moving forward for Cats and Dawgs

When asked if the game will continued as planned, Houston Head Coach Dana Dimel said, "We do not know at this point."

According to the Houston sports information department, the Cougar football team is more than half of the way through their scheduled practices for the 2001 season. Will that help Houston against Georgia?

Houston Head Coach Dana Dimel thinks so. "We have had plenty of time to prepare ourselves for Georgia and all that they bring with them."

"We have practiced harder since we did not have a game this past weekend." Houston enters the Georgia game after their only off week of the season.

Saturday's game is in doubt to a certain extent. If the game was postponed it is not likely to be rescheduled. Georgia has two off weeks this season, one next week and one the week of November 3rd, between the Florida and Auburn games. Houston would not be able to face Georgia next week as the Cougars face in state rival Texas at home. Houston also would not be able to meet the Dawgs the week of November 3rd as they face non-conference opponent South Florida in Tampa.

A very small possibility exists that the teams could met the first week of December, but that is not likely as that is the week of the SEC Championship game. If the game is not played on Saturday, there has been no indication of when it would be played, if at all. But for now, Houston is still scheduled to play in Sanford Stadium on Saturday.

Dimel enjoys Sanford Stadium and has been looking forward to playing in Athens all year. "Out of all the places that I have coached and played, I would have to say that Sanford Stadium is the best. I love the field, the fans are great, it is just a great place all-around and I know our guys are excited to get to play in this environment."

Still, Dimel is confident that Houston can pull an upset in the next two weeks against the likes of the Dawgs and Horns. "The pressure is off of us for the next two games so we can relax and play the football that will win games."

Still, Georgia, and Texas too, should overwhelm Houston in the coming weeks. It is doubtful that the Cougars will be able to figure out how to stop both teams' attacks. At least next week Houston is at home against the Horns.

It is still not known how Georgia will react to the loss to South Carolina last weekend. Former head coach Jim Donnan won most of the games that he played after losses. That was due mainly in part to the schedule that the Dawgs have set up. A loss to South Carolina or Tennessee was always followed by either a cream puff directional school or Vanderbilt.

Look for Georgia to try to attack the Houston defensive line right up the middle. Georgia was successful at pounding away yardage against the Cocks; it should be an easier task against the weak Cougar defensive front.

Georgia's defense will probably try to pressure the Houston quarterbacks. They are young and inexperienced. The fact that Houston was unable to muster any sort of running game against Rice also indicates that the Dawgs can all but ignore defending the run and concentrate on stopping the Cougar passing attack.

Concerned about Georgia's defensive ability, Dimel said, "Georgia is a different team and they will play us differently, so we must prepare for whatever they may have on Saturday."

Houston and Georgia square off Saturday at 1 pm in Athens.

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