Pre-Season Press Conference

Comments from Coach Richt about the first moments of fall camp.

"We welcomed back everybody yesterday. Everyone looks good and well-prepared. We had a rather lengthy orientation meeting last night and that wore them down a little bit. But everyone's in good spirits and ready to go. As you might know, we've got some new rules this year as far as how we can practice. We have five days of just one-a-days. Saturday, we'll start our first two-a-day. I think it's a very good format. We used to hit the ground running with two-a-days...maybe eight days of two-a-days in a row. That could really drain a guy, especially a guy who's a little nervous. I think if we just go one-a-day to start, guys will be able to recover better.

"We were very excited about this format until we found out that everybody's still in summer school. So, we have guys in class today and tomorrow. We have exams Wednesday, Thursday and some on Friday morning. We're working around some class schedules that will make it tough to have meetings like you'd like to have. There will be a few players missing from practices, and it will differ from day-to-day.

"The other thing that I'm not sure how it's going to work out is that our true freshmen no longer have that acclimation period. Usually, we get to see them in four practices and get them up to speed in the basics. Now today they have to go out there with the rest of the varsity and go at the pace at which we install everything. I don't know how they'll handle that. I've already told them just to understand that they'll be confused but not to get discouraged. I've also asked the older guys not to be too hard on them.

(How long for OL to gel): "If we try to measure it after the first week, our No. 1 unit will be confident, but the No. 2 unit won't have any continuity yet. We only have one center that knows what to do. They're just learning how to get in and out of the huddle right now. It's a long way to go. If we try to spoon-feed them their assignments and the defenses - in a way that makes sense to them - they'll be fine. As soon as we let the defenses slant, twist, blitz and everything else, their heads will be spinning.

(Getting ready to play first game): " We have a certain cut-off day before we'll work specifically on Clemson. That's usually 8-10 practices before the game. Right now, it'll be a little like spring ball, when everybody's getting a chance to compete and learn what to do. The difference is that, in the spring, our No. 1 units go against each other and so on. In the fall, our No. 1 offense goes against our No. 2 defense, the No. 2 offense will go against the No. 1 defense, and our Threes will go against each other.

I don't care who you play in the first game. I think the guys are just so excited about playing, and their intensity level is up. Everybody is trying to win playing time and starting positions. I don't think it matters who we're playing, as far as how the players and coaches prepare. We've just got to be in mid-season form right now. I think that gives you more of a sense of urgency."

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