Road Trip: 5 Star LB Brandon Miller

Ryan Jordan spent the day yesterday visiting 5 Star Linebacker <b>Brandon Miller</b> and #7 prospect in the country by Read what Miller has to say about recruiting and the process itself.

Brandon Miller is the proverbial large fish, in a very small pond. Standing out as the biggest and most recognized person in a school of 400, and a county of just over 6,000 is an extremely difficult position to imagine. High school football is the main attraction in the area, and Miller is the show's star on every Friday night during the fall. 

After standing next to him for just about 20 minutes in his high school gym, it quickly became evident to me that everyone knew exactly who he was, and everybody wanted his attention in some form or manner. In Colquitt, GA he has the celebrity status that even some of those in Hollywood couldn't fathom, and his influence is now beginning to capture folks around the country as well. 

As #3 ranked linebacker and Hot 100 team member, coaches everywhere are curious about his future, and their fans are equally as interested. I talked with Brandon Miller on Monday to figure out how he deals with the attention, and where his future might lead him.

"I don't have any favorite schools right now," Miller said. "I just don't know. There's not a top 5 or anything yet."

Which schools are after him the heaviest to this point?

"Florida State and Georgia are recruiting me the hardest right now. I will probably narrow it down and make a decision after the season is over."

While Brandon is still up in the air about where he'd like to attend college, there are certainly no shortage of people in Colquitt, who would be more than glad to help him out. The small town lies in the extreme southwestern corner of the Peach State, and therefore is central to a lot of major southern Universities. Tallahassee and Gainesville are just over the southern border, while Auburn and Tuscaloosa lie just to the west. Up north, the home standing Yellow Jackets of Georgia Tech, and the Bulldogs of Georgia offer a lot of pull as well. Miller is hearing from all four groups of fans, and then some.

"Most of the people here tell me to go to Georgia all the time. Then you have the FSU and Florida people too. Basically I hear from everybody."

Brandon's definitely telling the truth. As I pulled into the parking lot, the sheer number of Georgia tags and stickers on the cars immediately stuck out in my mind. Then as I stepped into the main office, I was stopped by the principal of Miller County High, and greeted with a resounding, "War Eagle!" after I introduced myself.

The pressure he's under seems so huge to me, but Brandon looks comfortable with everything. He appears to just simply shrug off all of the outside attention. His laid back attitude made him a pleasure to talk with, and his polite demeanor made my road trip to see him, plenty worth my while. He should have another gigantic season in GA Class-A for the Pirates, and I look forward to watching his progress in 2003.

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