The Case For & Against Greyson Lambert

ATHENS - Dean Legge makes the case for and against Greyson Lambert starting in 2016.

The case for Lambert:

He is the returning starting quarterback on a team that won ten games. Lambert is returning for his senior season in Athens after playing major minutes in the last two college football seasons. He completed the season with only two interceptions. He’s the only quarterback on the roster in Athens who has ever started. 

Lambert performs well when he’s asked to quickly deliver ball close to the line of scrimmage. Insiders say he did very well the complex verbiage in Brian Schottenheimer’s offensive system, so he’s no dummy. 

His second half performance against Tennessee and his game-long performance against South Carolina show that he can perform.

The case against Lambert:

He’s very limited, and therefore Georgia’s offense will be once again very limited. 

Lambert is on his third head coach in as many seasons. The last two men he started for were fired after the 2015 season. I don’t know if it is true, but Lambert would probably be the only quarterback in college football history to start for three different head coaches in three consecutive seasons. That’s not an endorsement of the signal caller.

He lost his starting job at Virginia… Virginia. He lost his starting job at Georgia before the Florida game, which was the most important game of the season. And it is very much in doubt that he will lock down the starting spot going into his senior season even as the only quarterback on the roster who has ever started a game. 

Lambert’s performance against Vanderbilt, not South Carolina, was the true thing Georgia fans should have expected in SEC play. Lambert struggled mightily in most of SEC games he played in - Vanderbilt, Alabama, Missouri and Kentucky. Playing horrible against Bama is one thing... but those other three teams were bad. He only had two games - Tennessee and South Carolina - where he threw more than one TD. And while his INT number was very low, he benefited greatly from a slew of defenders dropping catchable interceptions. He put the ball in harms way far more often than the statistics showed... certainly the Missouri game was the top example of that.

Georgia’s long-ball passing game was non-existent in 2015. UGA simply could not depend on Lambert to make game-changing plays. UGA’s scoring offense plummeted from record numbers to some of the worst offensive statistics of the century while Lambert was the starting quarterback.

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