The Case For & Against Brice Ramsey

ATHENS - Dean Legge makes the case for and against Brice Ramsey starting in 2016.

The case for Ramsey:

Ramsey’s talent and potential didn’t just fall off a cliff. That he, and the other two quarterbacks, were grossly mismanaged last season is much more an indicator of coaching failure and lack of management than an indictment of talent.

He’s got NFL size and arm strength. He was the all-but-certain starter before Brian Schottenheimer rode into town with different ideas. Insiders have long maintained that Ramsey could and can be a special player for Georgia. Its hard to deny his physical tools.

He’s the last quarterback at UGA to beat a ranked team - 2014 Belk Bowl vs. No. 20 Louisville. 

The case against Ramsey:

He couldn’t beat out Greyson Lambert last season, and that’s pretty bad. And when the previous staff decided to bench Lambert they did so in favor of Faton Bauta, and that’s even worse. The entire affair is one of the most curious decisions this century in Georgia football. Was it Ramsey or the previous coaching staff?

What happened to Brice Ramsey? That’s the question. How did he go from being the obvious choice to succeed Hutson Mason to the starting punter? That’s a double-edged question. Plenty of the blame can be placed at the incompetence of Brian Schottenheimer and Mark Richt for allowing it. But Ramsey, at least to some degree, permitted it to happen.

Ramsey is prone to throw interceptions. He’s still developing. Jim Chaney will be his third offensive coordinator in as many years. There’s little doubt that Ramsey would have been the starter in 2015 had Mike Bobo stayed around, but Bobo is long gone to Colorado State, and Bobo leaving can’t continue to be the excuse or explanation as to why Ramsey isn’t working out now in Athens.

In 2014 Ramsey played well when called on to play. But in 2015 Ramsey’s season seemed to be defined by his miserable performance in the rain against Alabama. After that Ramsey was allowed eight attempts from under center - bizarre. Greyson Lambert wasn’t defined by his greatness against the Chickens, but Ramsey’s performance against the Tide seemed to cement onlookers that he would never be the guy. One has to wonder if that’s something Ramsey will ever be able to move past.

Also, after publicly telling the media multiple times last season that Ramsey was going to continue to be developed and play, UGA’s coaching staff seemed to go out of its way to not play him. Schottenheimer said following the Alabama game that Ramsey would play in the coming games. But Ramsey didn’t play again until the Kentucky game. The previous staff told ESPN that the “hot hand” would get the nod for the rest of the game, but didn't follow through. Ramsey (4 of 6) outperformed Lambert (2 for 6) for in the first half of that game, but not only did the previous staff not play Ramsey the rest of the game - it didn’t play him the rest of the season. 

Can a quarterback recover from that sort of up and down? Can Ramsey regain his confidence after what was a bizarre 2015?

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