Legge's Thoughts: 2016 Pro Day

ATHENS - Dean Legge’s observations from UGA’s Pro Day.

I watched Jordan Jenkins and John Theus more than any other players out there. Part of the reason was that the defensive line drills were totally surrounded by scouts, and those of us in the media could only get so decent a look of guys like Chris Mayes and Sterling Bailey. 

One quick note from me was how big some of the guys looked. Have to keep in mind that these guys have pretty well only been training for the last few months, so this is the best their bodies have ever looked. 

Observations on John Theus:

He’s really fighting to get into the first three or four rounds, and some of that had to due with what he did on bench today. Being drafted in the top 100 would be a good Draft for Theus. I know that his goal was to hit right around 20 on the bench - he got 19. That was something folks in the NFL were going to look at. 19 was a good enough number for the bench to be a non-issue either way for John. That was the only area where numbers for Theus were released. 

Have to remember that he’s got relatively long arms. I thought he, for the most part looked good. Teams like the Patriots were out on the practice field working with him after his time was with regular scouts was over. 

Insiders say that New England is the group that’s seemingly been most interested in Theus. Then again, it is impossible to know if that’s something that’s real or not. Today marks the second consecutive time that New England coach Bill Belichick has visited UGA to see or work out players. Last year the Patriots wound up grabbing David Andrews, who wound up starting a fair amount of games for them in 2015. 

Theus is likely going to be selected as a tackle, but at what round seems to be up for debate.

Observations on Jordan Jenkins:

I do think Jordan helped himself today, but it is hard to know how much. He went during the defensive line drills today as well as the linebacker drills. He seems to struggle a little in coverage at linebacker. That could have been because he was tired after working out at defensive line. 

But on the day Jenkins had the best overall performance in the numbers. He compared favorably to high-level prospect Joey Bosa from Ohio State. Jenkins put up better 40-yard dash, broad jump and vertical numbers today than published numbers for Bosa, who could go at No. 1 overall at the Draft. 

Jenkins just plain looks great. He’s going to pass the personality test for sure. He changes direction much better and is much more explosive than, say, Jake Ganus. Because Leonard Floyd got sick and didn’t participate in drills it was hard to compare those two. 

Other observations:

Malcolm Mitchell, Jay Rome and Keith Marshall were the offensive skill guys that went today. Marshall, who blew up the NFL Combine with nutty 4.31 official time, showed that he’s great in straight-line settings for sure. But when he was on the cones he hit them from time to time. I think that’s what you have to balance with Marshall - he’s got unreal straight-line speed, but does he really have the wiggle you need to be a solid running back in the NFL?

Marshall and Mitchell didn’t perform any tests. Rome checked in with a 4.91 40, a 9-7 broad jump, a 35-inch vertical and only 14 on the bench, which was the worst of all players on the day, and could throw up a red flag for teams.  

Numbers leaders for the Day:

Bench - Kolton Houston, 26

Vertical - Jordan Jenkins, 38

Broad Jump - Jordan Jenkins, 10 feet; three inches

40-yard dash - Jordan Jenkins, 4.76


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