VanGorder: Linebackers are not ready, yet

VanGorder reviews the defense and linebackers to thinks point. See what he said about Odell Thurman and Thomas Daivs inside.

Georgia's Brian VanGorder On Georgia's first practice

Defensively I thought that we did some pretty good pursuit drills and some of our other sessions are so fast that we do a lot of conditioning in there. By the end of practice, if the defense is running well then they are a little bit gased, and that's what happened today.

On Georgia's linebackers

I don't think that right now they are ready. But I think that they have the kind of personalities that give them a chance and certainly they have the athleticism. But this time right here is going to be extremely valuable to all of them to really secure the system in their minds and just become more reliable out there. That's why I say right now that they are not ready. They are mistake prone and we've got to cut down on that. At the same time they are capable of making big plays.

On Thomas Davis

I think that Thomas Davis is one of those guys that does not get physiologically out of shape. He's got a gift that way for sure.

On Odell Thurman

You can already see that he feels lot more comfortable than in the spring. I could see today that he is still not totally confident in the whole leadership role right now. He's got the kind of personality that will allow him to continue to grow into that role. I think that there will be steady improvement from him.

On any particular player looking good in practice

Not too much. We are trying to get a look at some of the young fellas a little bit just to see where they kind of compare to the older guys. You try to get an idea if they are guys that can help you. You can't tell in one practice, but you can get some ideas.

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