The Case For & Against Jacob Eason

ATHENS - Dean Legge makes the case for and against Jacob Eason starting in 2016.

The case for Eason:

He’s got tremendous talent, and conventional thinking is that Eason will, at some point in the future, be the starting quarterback at UGA. So why wait to start the clock on the future? 

The case against Eason:

He’s never played a snap of college football. If he doesn’t give UGA the best chance to win he doesn’t need to start. Fans can talk about the future all they want, but the present matters most for coaches. 

Eason is as inexperienced as it gets. He has tremendous arm strength, but does have a longer throwing motion that must be shortened. Eason can he as talented as he wants to be, but if he starts Georgia is going to lose games because of him. 

Many fans try to compare Eason to Matthew Stafford and his situation when he arrived at UGA in 2006. But there are a slew of variables that are not at all the same. Stafford came into a situation where no starter was established and had a stable coaching staff developing him. Stafford wasn’t the starter at the beginning of the season, and only got his first start after senior Joe Tereshinski was injured. Then Stafford lost his starting job to Joe Cox (a fact many folks tend to forget) and then gave it back to Tereshinski before taking over once and for all after UGA lost to Vanderbilt. 

Stafford struggled from that point forward. He turned the ball over 17 times in 2006. 17 times. Had UGA’s defense not been totally shut down that season the Dawgs probably would have lost a few more games.

The most difficult part for Eason will be getting used to playing college football. That doesn’t just mean the speed of the game. It means he must learn to be patient in the pocket - something he’s literally never been asked to do before. He will have to learn terminology even if the Bulldogs simplify the offense to better suit all of their quarterbacks. 

All of that, and Eason will have to beat out two other quarterbacks. It’s not going to be a simple task by any stretch. The other factor is not ruining Eason’s confidence for the future. If he starts and gets his lunch eaten it could take him time to recover.


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