Legge's Thoughts: UGA QBs Back at It

ATHENS - UGA continued spring practice on Thursday - here is what we saw.

I watched the quarterbacks the entire time, and they had the same rotation on Thursday as they had on Tuesday: 

1. Greyson Lambert

2. Brice Ramsey

3. Jacob Eason

I don't expect a change in that rotation for a little bit of time because they are going through drills; the competition will begin a little more when they get pads on in the near future. All three of the quarterbacks look good against air, which is what we see for the most part. 

Eason didn't participate at one point during some of the no. 1 and no. 2 drills. He could be told to watch and pick up on what’s going on. He could be the No. 3, and the No. 3 doesn’t participate in those drills. I think it’s likely that he’s watching to see how the other two guys work through the drills before he gets thrown in there. 

Days like today, as well, seem to underscore that if Eason manages to capture the starting job it will be a major accomplishment. He will have zoomed past a back up and unseat a starting quarterback - that’s easier said than done while learning on the job. 

Also, the kids seem a little mixed as well bc Nick Chubb is running with Ramsey in drills - both being on the No. 2 unit. 

Each of the three signal callers had pretty good throws. I saw all three bounce at least one ball. All have the ability to hit the slants with no issues. Lambert can be a little more scattered with where the ball winds up at times. 

It is impossible - in the limited amount of time we have - to know much more than how each can throw the ball. In terms of just arm talent, Ramsey and Eason quite obviously have more than Lambert. Those two can hit out routes with no issues, whereas that's where you see Lambert struggle a little more. 

The QBs are throwing against air, so it's not super challenging to hit a target IMO. The receivers, who I didn’t watch a ton, had a drop or two out there. You can't have drops. Even when the ball is slightly behind you the catch has to be pulled in. This sport is an inexact - plays have to be made in less-than-ideal situations. Just because a quarterback doesn’t deliver a perfect ball is no excuse to let it hit the ground. If the ball is in your general area you need to catch it. 

Also heard a few things like: "keep your helmet on or I will get fired." Which was funny. There was a little more screaming today than Tuesday. Also, the specialists (punters and kickers) seem organized for the first time that I can remember with a coach in front of them giving them instructions. Will that matter? That can only help.  

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