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DeBary: UGA DL Draws Your Eye

ATHENS - I got a close look at the both the offensive and defensive line.

The offensive line was being praised consistently by offensive line coach Sam Pittman throughout the media session. He singled out senior tackle Greg Pyke along with junior guard Dyshon Sims. Pittman was loud and energetic and was working his guys hard on "finishing blocks.”

The first string offensive line today was Kendall Baker at LT, Isaiah Wynn at LG, Brandon Kublanow at Center, Dyshon Sims at RG and Greg Pyke at RT

The guards and tackles worked separately early on. Wynn, Kublanow, and Sims worked together as the first unit in those drills.  The second unit had Ben Cleveland at LG, Lamont Galliard at center and Sam Madden at RG. Both of those units received praise during the run-blocking drills.

On the defensive side on the ball, defensive line coach Tracy Rocker was stressing quickness during and in between drills.  "Fast movements" was a common expression from Rocker today.

Junior nose tackle John Atkins and sophomore Trent Thompson led the defensive line group in drills, and were the vocal leaders in the group.  Following Thompson during drills were freshman Julian Rochester, Jonathan Ledbetter, Justin Young and Michael Barnett.  Rochester definitely has the size, but seemed to be breathing a little heavier than the rest.  Ledbetter was the tallest and leanest of the group.  

When the first drill started during the media session, one player didn't go through the drill as well as Rocker would have liked, and before that player did the drill over. Some of the lineman let that player know they wanted more from him.  

While Thompson looked good in the short time we were able to watch, he did need a little help going over some of the drills.  Rocker seemed patient when it came to coaching up the players and helping them understand what they are trying to do, but he had no patience at all when he thought the group was not giving 100% effort.

Linebacker Shaun McGee, defensive back Reggie Wilkerson and linebacker Chuks Amaechi were all in black jerseys and riding the bike during the media session.  Roquan Smith was in a black jersey also, but was going through drills with the rest of the group.

The Quarterbacks were the farthest group away, but each looked to have a couple of good throws in a drill where they were rolling out and throwing on the run.

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