ACC will play into December

Rescheduling as a result of the terrorist acts will push many ACC games into December

The tragic events of Tuesday have forced the ACC, among others, to postpone games this weekend. A lot of rescheduling has occurred overnight as a result of the league's decision. All of the teams in the ACC have been forced to play games after their season's scheduled ending.

North Carolina has moved their game with SMU to December. That move will allow the Heel's schedule to move forward without problem. Wake Forest has rescheduled its game with Northern Illinois to November 24th.

Virginia, who was supposed to play Penn State at home tonight, has moved that game to December. Maryland was able to move their game originally scheduled for this weekend to September 29th. The Terps will play West Virginia.

Duke and Clemson have not yet rescheduled their game, but it will likely fall on November 24th like many of their counterparts.

The one of the hurdles for the ACC is to reschedule, somehow, the Florida State – Georgia Tech contest that was scheduled for this weekend. It is not yet certain when Florida State and Georgia Tech will meet one another to presumably decide the conference championship. One of the reasons for the difficulty is Tech's final game of the season against Georgia.

Next week is Tech's off week, the Jackets are available to take on the Noles then. However, Florida State does not have the opportunity to play that week as they are scheduled to play North Carolina so that weekend is not a possibility.

Florida State is available to play the week that Tech plays Georgia. There is a very remote chance that Tech and Georgia could play next week, but that is close to impossible from happening. However, if that move was made, it would allow the ACC to have their championship game, so to speak, at the end of the season., but again that will not happen.

Instead, the ACC will have this "championship" matchup in the first week of December. The SEC has its conference championship game that week, and now it appears, for all of the wrong reasons, that the ACC will have one too.

There is no other way for Tech and FSU to get around the problem of rescheduling.

But one thing is certain, all of this is as a result of a cowardly act by terrorist group of pigs. Our hearts are go out to everyone effected by this act of war.

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