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2016 UGA Spring: Think, Know and Don't Know

ATHENS - Dean Legge reviews what he thinks, knows and doesn’t know so far this spring.

Quarterbacks - I know that this is a three-man race to the finish. When and where the finish line will be remains to be seen. The national media (and much of UGA’s fanbase and local media) seems transfixed on Jacob Eason, who remains running with the No. 3 unit (that’s totally understandable and expected for a player who has had fewer than three months of college). How long Eason will stay there remains a legit question. 

But this fight, for now, appears to be between incumbent starter Greyson Lambert and signal caller/punter Brice Ramsey. That’s sure to disappoint many UGA fans. But what, if anything, do we know about Ramsey? That he was Mike Bobo’s guy before he wasn’t Brian Schottenheimer’s? What do we know about Lambert? Well, we do have more data on him than the other two, but the results were underwhelming to be sure. Might Lambert be better under Jim Chaney than he was under Schottenheimer or Virginia’s Mike London before they were both fired?

I know this: UGA isn’t going to Wildcat its way to a successful season. One of these three players is going to have to give the Bulldogs production and playmaking ability. Multiple games with the starting QB throwing for fewer than 100 yards is unacceptable. 

Nick Chubb - Folks might be making too much of where Chubb is right this second and overdoing where he will be in the fall. Projecting that he will or won’t play against North Carolina in the Georgia Dome is one of the popular parlor games in Athens these days. 

But the truth is that no one really knows (in other words I don’t know) what will happen with Chubb. And, for the record, that’s not doubting him. “I wouldn’t doubt Nick Chubb” is the latest false narrative surrounding UGA. Trust me when I tell you that no on doubts Nick Chubb.

But one false step could set Chubb back weeks or even months. Football is a brutal, physical sport. Your season can end in a contact or non-contact situation. The same could be said for recovery… Chubb could be rolling along well and then take a few steps back. 

Anyone writing that they know what’s going on with Chubb’s recovery is a charlatan - and sadly there a many of them around these days. 

93K at GDay - I actually think this is a possible thing now. I really didn’t think it was something that was going to take place, but now I’m not as sure. Think about it - you’ve got a new head coach, a young quarterback everyone wants to see and new energy in general at UGA. Of course the usual excuse about The Masters is also out of the way. 

Will that lead to a “sellout” on G Day? I think its possible now. I know i didn’t think that was possible when Kirby first mentioned it, but now he’s been beating that drum for a few months. He’s been selling it to recruits, and UGA’s social media presence has been pushing it for some time. 

Folks behind the scenes are a little bit skeptical that UGA will get the 93K they want, but they do see the stadium as being well past 70,000 fans on G Day, and that would be a record. 

As an aside, this is what Kirby should be doing - pushing the envelope. This is totally something he can control. He’s right to beat the drums and get the UGA fanbase as interested as possible in this - this is as much their program as it is his.

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