Smart: We Have to Hold Chubb Back

ATHENS - On Tuesday, Kirby Smart indicated some doubt on Nick Chubb returning for the season opener against North Carolina.

“I’m very pleased with his work ethic,” Smart said, “but to sit here and tell you he’s going to be ready for North Carolina - that’s a stretch for me. That’s just something he’s not concerned with. I’m not concerned with it right now. We’re just going to go with how he goes, and let him keep working, and let him keep pushing himself. Each day is a chance to advance.”

Smart said his star running back is working hard, and that the staff at UGA has to reel him in at times. 

“He’s an overachiever,” Smart said during an interview with Athens radio station 960 The Ref. “People say: ‘Is he where he should be?’ Well, where Nick Chubb should be is not where the normal person should be when it comes to rehab. It’s all a matter of his expectations of where he should be. He’s one of those kids who really pushes himself. We have to hold him back at times.”

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