2016 UGA Spring: Think, Know and Don't Know

ATHENS - Dean Legge reviews what he thinks, knows and doesn’t know so far this spring.

Quarterbacks - We know that he rotation during media sessions has not changed - Greyson Lambert Still goes first in handoff drills, Brice Ramsey is second and Jacob Eason is third. We know that when the trio throws Lambert and Ramsey go together as a pair, and then Eason goes with walk-on Nick Robinson. 

We also know that Eason rarely gets a look during open periods of practice when the team warms up in the No. 1 unit, No. 2 unit or No. 3 unit. Rarely does the No. 3 unit get a shot to warm up before throwing periods. 

What we don’t know at all is what is happening behind the scenes. Kirby Smart said after the first scrimmage of the season that Ramsey and Lambert spilt the snaps with the No. 1 unit during the scrimmage and that Ramsey “may have had a few more snaps with the ones” than Lambert. But Eason did have some movement after a scrimmage that included him hitting two big balls. Insiders say he has taken some snaps with the No. 2 unit, and that he’s not exclusively with the No. 3 unit at all times any more. 

Nick Chubb - We know that Kirby Smart is smothering the talk of Nick Chubb playing in the first game against North Carolina as much as he can nearly five months away from the season opener. 

“To sit here and tell you he’s going to be ready for North Carolina - that’s a stretch for me,” Smart told 960 the Ref on Tuesday. “That’s just something he’s not concerned with. I’m not concerned with it right now. We’re just going to go with how he goes, and let him keep working, and let him keep pushing himself. Each day is a chance to advance.”

In the same interview, Smart said that UGA has to pull Chubb back. 

“He’s an overachiever,” he said. “People say: ‘Is he where he should be?’ Well, where Nick Chubb should be is not where the normal person should be when it comes to rehab. It’s all a matter of his expectations of where he should be. He’s one of those kids who really pushes himself. We have to hold him back at times.”

The question is if Smart is being fully honest about the situation or hedging his bet. Thursday night Sony Michel told reporters that Chubb “can’t slow down” at practice. “That's the type of person he is,” Michel said.

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