Who to Expect at 2016 G Day

ATHENS - Dawg Post’s look at what and who to expect at G Day in the world of recruiting on Saturday.

What they are saying about G Day:

4-star LB T.D. Moultry

“I’m going to enjoy myself with my brother and watch them linebackers again. I want to see where I'll fit in or out at linebacker how their linebackers are looking. They have some decent inside backers, so I know if I go there I'll ask to play outside linebacker if not I'll play inside.”

3-star DB Brelin Faison-Walden

“I want to get a better feel for the school and how it's like or how it will be on game day. At least close to how it will be on game day.”

4-star QB Jake Fromm

“I’m going to enjoy watching the game and to recruit guys.”

4-star ATH Jamyest Williams

“Basically for me is to see how Kirby reacts to his new role as general. I want to watch my man Coach Tuck do his thing as DB coach. I want to see how his DB's react to his style of coaching.”

3-star LB K.J. Britt

“93K ... Think about the atmosphere!”

3-star DL Michael Allen

“There are things that I like, but I have to go more along the lines of what my mom thinks.”

4-star DB William Poole

“I’m going to go down with my family. I want them to meet and talk to coaches in person have a small meeting in the office to talk business.”

3-star WR Xavier Jenkins

“I want to get closer with the guys who are also committed, and whoever is going to commit this Saturday. Really just get to talk to the coaches and players you know get closer with the team just to have fun.”

5-star DB DeAngelo Gibbs

“I'm just going to see the recruits ball like Jacob and some others. I also want to see how Kirby runs the game."

4-star LB Jaden Hunter

“I want to see the coaches and players in action. I’d really like to see how they have came along in the matter of time they have had (since Kirby was hired).”

4-star OL Jamaree Salyer

“I think it will be great to see the primary stages of the rebuilding that Kirby Smart and the new staff are doing. Also just to spend more time in Athens.”

4-star OL Netori Johnson

“I’m going to meet some people and get to know other players and coaches and to have fun while I am still in the State of Georgia.”

3-star OL Justin Shaffer

“Just to continue my relationship with the whole coaching staff and hang out with my future teammates.”

4-star OL Max Wray

“I’m going for a couple of reasons. 1. I want to see the environment of the stadium; 2. I want to meet some recruits and talk to them about Georgia; 3. I want to see how the team is doing.”

4-star WR Nico Collins

“I'm going because I just want to see how Kirby is doing with the guys. And just have fun with Jake Fromm.”

4-star WR Trey Blount

“I really want to check out the offense with Jacob Eason and to really get an in depth look at how Coach Coley coaches his receivers and just to be back in Athens.”

4-star LB Tyler Taylor

“I want to see the relationship between the coaches and the linebackers.”

UGA Commitments Expected at G Day… 

QB Jake Fromm - Leader of the class... Has gotten to know WR target Nico Collins very well.  Really on Akers and others too.



LB Jaden Hunter - Could play ILB or OLB at UGA. A Georgia legacy.



LB/Hybrid Breon Dixon - Visited Auburn last week, but as we reported Monday, he is still all Dawg.  Recruiting MANY...



OG Justin Shaffer - Could see a rankings bump this spring.  Loves Pittman, Smart, and UGA.



WR Xavier Jenkins - Bonding with Coley.  Still feels good about UGA.



OT Max Wray - 2018 - A future Scout 100 kid for 2018.  Class act on and off the field.



2017 Non-UGA Commits Expected at G Day…


ATH DeAngelo Gibbs - Tennessee leads here... Georgia is in that next group.



ATH Jamyest Williams - Clemson and Georgia are two very high on his list with FSU right there.



DE Malik Herring - Georgia leads BIG... Has been on that WATCH for a while now.



DE/OLB Robert Beal - Georgia has really gained some momentum here.  Will be visiting for the second time in a week.  A decision is coming.



OT Tony Gray - FSU and Georgia top two...  Georgia has really changed things in a good way with Smart and Pittman in charge.



OT Andrew Thomas - Georgia is the favorite... Clemson is another school high on his list.



OG Netori Johnson - Georgia in the mix, but not at the top... Auburn looked at as the leader at this time.



RB Alaric Williams (AUBURN commit) - One UGA is involved with more than some may think. Was at UGA for JR Day earlier this year and now returning.



RB Jalen Holston - No offer, but one UGA has their eye on.



WR Nico Collins - Will be tough to pull out of Alabama, but UGA is in this.  He has been in Athens numerous times the past three months.



WR Jeremiah Holloman - Georgia and Tennessee are fighting for that top spot on Holloman's list.  Having in him in Athens, not in Knoxville is BIG for the Dawgs.



WR D.J. Matthews (FSU commit) - Hard for me seeing this one not in Tallahassee.



WR Trey Blount - Grew up a huge UGA fan...  I like UGA's chances at this time.



LB/S Jaquan Henderson - No offer yet...  UGA likes him and he likes UGA, so we will see how it plays out.



LB T.D. Moultry - Auburn lean at this time.  Georgia running number 2.



LB Tyler Taylor - Georgia the team to beat... Auburn, Tennessee and some others right up there too.



LB K.J. Britt - Read Moultry's blurb above.



DB/LB Brelin Faison-Walden - Hearing UGA is in his top three at this time.  I like a lot on tape and I will see him live too.



CB William Poole - A major target for UGA and as I have said, I like their chances over Florida.



2018 Prospects Expected at G Day…


OG Jamaree Salyer - Georgia has really made a move here.  Clemson is there too.  Wherever his teammate Andrew Thomas goes, that helps with Salyer.



WR Kearis Jackson - On offer watch for me this weekend.  I like him a lot.



ATH Christian Tutt - This will be Tutt's third visit to UGA since he returned from IMG Academy.



CB Derrik Allen - Hard to read, but he likes Smart and Tucker.  From N.C., has family there, so keep an eye on the Tar Heels.



DE Justin Mascoll - Since the coaching change, UGA has moved to the top here.  Clemson has always been up there as well.



Not expected at G Day


QB Emory Jones - Expected at Tennessee

OL Christian Armstrong - Expected at Tennessee

ATH Owen Pappoe - Expected at Alabama

OL Keiondre Jones - Expected at Tennessee

QB Trevor Lawrence  - Not traveling

LB Leonard Warner - Prom

ATH Deejay Dallas - Expected at a 7v7 event

DB AJ Terrell - Expected at a 7v7 event

RB Trey Sermon - Expected at a Track

DE Markaviest Bryant - Expected at Alabama

OT D'Antne Demery - Expected at Alabama

RB Cam Akers - Expected at a 7v7 event

S Xavier McKinney - Expected at Alabama

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