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Dawg Post Breakdown: Quarterbacks

Dawg Post breaks down Georgia's three quarterbacks during Saturday's G-day game.

Greyson Lambert:

1st half attempts:

Lambert’s first throw of the ballgame was an incomplete pass 30 yards downfield to a double-covered Terry Godwin.  Rico McGraw broke up the pass.  Protection was good and the receivers all seemed to be covered well downfield.

Lambert’s second pass was a 5 yard completion to Jayson Stanley out of the pistol formation for a 6 yard gain while rolling to his right.

His third pass was a complete to Michel Chigbu over the middle for a first down and an 8 yard gain to the 44.

Lambert’s fourth pass was incomplete check-down to Sony Michel.  The pass was low and the Bulldogs were called for a holding on the play.

Lambert’s first pass attempt on his second drive was a complete pass down the sideline to Jordan Davis.  The ball was thrown over the defenders head but could have been knocked down.  The following pass was a play action pass that was incomplete to running back Tae Crowder on a check-down.  Two receivers went deep on the play but were covered well.

Lambert’s next pass was incomplete to Michael Chigbu about 20 yards downfield.  Lambert threw a nice pass with zip, but it was a little high and went through the receiver’s hands. 

On the next play, Lambert threw a nice ball deep that was ruled incomplete and out of the end zone.  The pass protection was good, and Lambert threw a nice ball that could have easily been a touchdown.  The pass was from the 29 yard line but was thrown about 40 yards in the air.

Lambert’s next pass was a check-down to a wide open Christian Payne for 22 yards.  The throw was caught at the line of scrimmage and Payne took it the rest of the way.

His next throw was behind Terry Godwin on a crossing pattern 15 yards in the middle of the field that was broken up by the safety.  Godwin was open and a better throw would have resulted in a nice gain inside the 15.

Lambert’s next pass was complete to tight end Jordan Davis over the middle for 18 yards, half of the yardage picked up by Davis after the catch.

On the following play, Lambert could not find a receiver open, and threw the ball away out of the end zone.

Lambert’s next pass was a check-down to Tae Crowder, who took the pass 10 yards down to the 2 yard line.  The following pass was the final of the half, and Lambert threw the ball out of the end zone instead of forcing a throw into coverage.

2nd half attempts:

Lambert’s first pass in the second half was behind his intended receiver on a short throw.

Lambert’s next pass was a short throw 2 yards across the line of scrimmage that resulted in a 9-yard gain.

Lambert’s third throw of the half was thrown away after rolling to his right.  Two receivers went deep but neither was open.

Lambert’s next throw was a 4-yard throw that was run 28 yards by Brendan Douglass.

His next throw was high but caught by Reggie Davis on a quick slant for 6 yards.

Lambert’s next pass on the series was a play-action pass that was thrown in-between Riley Ridley and Jackson Harris who were both running routes to the end zone.  Both receivers were in the same area and there was obvious miscommunication between the two.  The pass was intercepted and returned for a touchdown.

Lambert’s next pass was a 6 yard completion while he was rolling to his right.  Low throw but completed.  His last pass of the game was a check down to Douglass who ran for 7 additional yards after the catch.


Brice Ramsey:

1st half attempts:

Ramsey’s first pass was completed to Jackson Harris over the middle for 8 yards out of the shotgun in a three receiver set.  The pass was thrown about 5 yards, and then run for another three by a wide open Harris.

His second attempt was complete to Isaac Nauta on a quick out-route for 8 yards.  The offense was lined up in a 5 receiver set, but Ramsey quickly threw to the tight end.

Ramsey’s third attempt was thrown behind an open Jackson Harris on a quit slant inside in a 5 receiver set.  The pass was incomplete, and it was his poorest throw of the first quarter.

Ramsey’s fourth attempt was an overthrow on a corner route to Jackson Harris.  The protection was solid and Ramsey stepped up in the pocket but over-threw the sophomore tight end, resulting in a punt.

On Ramsey’s second series, his first pass was in the shotgun in a three-receiver set.  Ramsey checked down to Brendan Douglass but the throw was low and incomplete.

His next attempt was a 45 yard pass down the sideline complete to Reggie Davis. It was a well thrown ball while an innocent rusher was closing in on him.

Ramsey’s next pass was incomplete to Isaiah McKenzie about 15 yards in the middle of the field.  Ramsey had 5 receivers to throw too, but looked for McKenzie running across the middle.  The defense was in position to knock the ball down before McKenzie could make a play on it.

Ramsey’s next pass was complete to Christian Payne for a 17 yard gain.  It was a short pass that Payne caught and turned up field.

Ramsey’s next pass was a beautifully throw down the sideline for a 38 yard gain to Jayson Stanley in single coverage.  The pass was caught in stride over his shoulder.  Parrish saved a touchdown with the tackle.

His next pass was a 25 yard pass into the corner of the end zone but incomplete to Chigbu, who almost made a nice touchdown grab.

On the next play, Ramsey threw a nice pass to Stanley for 14 yards on a play-action pass.

Right before the first half ended, Ramsey completed a short check-down to Sony Michel, who ran about 14 yards after the catch.

On the next play, Ramsey threw a deep pass to a wide open Stanley down the sideline for a 29 yard gain.  With a better throw Stanley would have scored easily, but the ball was slightly under thrown.

2nd half attempts:

Ramsey’s first pass of the second half was a 6 yard pass completed to Terry Godwin while rolling to his right. His next pass was completed to the running back for no gain while rolling to his left.

On his next pass, Ramsey threw a nice pass 15 yards downfield to Terry Godwin on a deep comeback route over the middle that resulted in 18 yards down to the 15 yard line.

With three minutes left in the game, Ramsey’s threw a four-yard completion to Crowder on a check down, and then threw a low and incomplete pass to the tight end the following play.

His next pass was thrown about 25 yards downfield to the sideline but overthrown to Jayson Stanley.  The throw showed Ramsey’s arm strength as it had some heat but also thrown off his back foot.

Ramsey’s next pass was thrown nicely downfield, but fell incomplete due to tight coverage.

Ramsey’s last pass completed to Isaac Nauta about 12 yards downfield, and Nauta ran for another 8 yards.


Jacob Eason:

1st half attempts:

Eason’s first throw was in the shotgun and a check-down to a wide open Brendan Douglass for 13 yards where Douglass picked up most of the yardage after the run.  His next pass was another check-down to Douglass for 2 yards.

His third pass was a beautifully thrown ball thrown to fellow freshman Riley Ridley for 35 yards down the field.  It was single coverage and Eason put the ball right over his shoulder where the defender couldn’t knock it away.

His next attempt on the following play was a quick pass to Isaac Nauta on the sideline for 5 yards.

On his fourth attempt, Eason was sacked by Reggie Wilkerson out of the shotgun formation.

On his first pass of his second series, Eason over threw a covered McKenzie towards the sideline on a 5-yard route.

His second pass of the series was a dart down the sideline that was caught by Reggie Davis for 17 yards.  The throw was a little low but was caught nicely by Davis.  Eason’s next two passes were completions over the middle to Jackson Harris for a total of 20 yards.

After a penalty on the defense, Eason scrambled for a 2-yard loss.  On the following play, Eason threw a dart over the middle that was high and incomplete to McKenzie 15 yards downfield.

On the following play, Eason connected with McKenzie on a rope for 12 yards on a crossing route.  It was a strong through under pressure.  The next throw was thrown away under pressure.

His next attempt was complete to Isaac Nauta for a 7-yard gain over the middle.  On the next play, Eason went back to Isaac Nauta over the middle for a 7-yardtouchdown.

2nd half:

Eason’s next pass was out of the shotgun and complete to Riley Ridley on a slant in single coverage.  The pass was completed for 10 yards and was then run for another 5 yards resulting in a 15 yard completion.

Eason’s next pass was out of the shotgun again and incomplete to Reggie Davis on a 10-yard curl route.  The throw had some heat but was just out of Davis’ reach.

Eason’s next pass was out of the shotgun and thrown perfectly down the sideline to a well covered Reggie Davis.  The ball was thrown about 40 yards in the air for a 37 yard gain down inside the 10.

On the next series, Eason’s first attempt was incomplete to Riley Ridley on a 10-yard curl.  The ball was catch-able but thrown to hard for the freshman receiver.

After a pass thrown away, Eason rolled out to his right and completed a 6 yard pass to the tight end.

Eason’s next pass was thrown over the middle 15 yards downfield to Jackson Harris who was covered well by safety Rashad Roundtree, who made a nice play and knocked the ball away.

Eason’ next pass was complete to Isaiah McKenzie.  Eason showed good arm strength for a 9 yard gain.  The following pass was completed to a wide open Jackson Harris for 8 yards that resulted in a 14 yard gain. Eason’s next pass was behind Riley Ridley, but completed for a 12-yard gain.

Eason’s following pass was incomplete as he over-threw Jackson Harris deep down the middle of the field.  The next pass was thrown deep down the sideline but was well covered by the defense and landed out of bounds.

His last pass of the ballgame was complete to Isaac Nauta on a short-out route, but was run for another 10 yards by the heralded freshman tight end.


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