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Dawg Post Quick Thoughts: Quarterbacks

DawgPost give some quick thoughts on how the quarterback fared in today's historic G-day game.

Greyson Lambert:

Lambert looked exactly like what you would have thought.  He was accurate on short to medium throws, and consistently checked down to the running back or tight end throughout the game.  He played smart, didn’t force many balls, and only had one interception which was a result of miscommunication with his receivers.

There were still a few balls that were not thrown accurately, and some that were thrown a little low.  Unfortunately for Lambert, one of his best throws of the day was a deep pass to Michael Chigbu in the end zone that was caught, but was ruled out of bounds.

Lambert made a couple of nice throws rolling out and throwing on the run, but it’s still something that he doesn’t look too comfortable with.

Overall, I think Lambert had a safe day, but did not impress as the other two did.  He made the smart throws, checked down when he saw easy yards, and didn’t force much.  That being said, he didn’t do anything spectacular today either, which is fine because it’s a spring game, and he has a good chance of remaining as the starter come September.

On the day, Lambert completed 11 of 22 passes for 140 yards and an interception.

Brice Ramsey:

Ramsey struggled a little early with his accuracy, but the redshirt-junior made some nice throws as the game went on.  He threw multiple nice passes deep down the field, and really showed his arm strength on occasion.  Like Lambert, he did throw behind receivers at times, but the offense looked to be more fluid when he was in there. 

Ramsey also rolled out to throw a good bit which showed athleticism, and did a good job of utilizing the tight ends if they were open.  If there is one throw he would take back it was a deep pass down the sideline to a wide open Jayson Stanley, who had a very good day today.  Stanley caught the pass, but had to slow down tremendously as the pass was under thrown.  A better throw would have resulted in an easy touchdown for the offense.

Overall, Ramsey showed some promise.  He wasn’t perfect, but he had some zip on his passes and looks to have improved so far this spring.  If he can continue getting better and not turning the ball over, Ramsey will be in the quarterback race until the end.

On the day, Ramsey completed 16 of 25 passes for 224 yards.

Jacob Eason:

The talented freshman received a huge applaud as he jogged onto the field, and while he looked very good today, he still looked like a freshman, which is totally normal.

Eason showed great arm strength, accuracy, and the ability to make big throws down the field today.  He also took quite a few sacks, and still looked confused at times on what to do with the football.  He moves well in the pocket, but there were times when he escaped out of the pocket when he didn’t exactly need too.  While the check down pass was open all game, but there were plays where he could have continued looking downfield instead of checking down. 

This is a process for Jacob.  While he did make some of the best throws in the game, he still needs to continue learning.  He made some nice throws down the field; he put zip on intermediate throws, and was accurate on short throws, which is all a good sign. 

Overall it was an impressive performance by the heralded freshman, and it doesn’t take long to see why he was rated as one of the top quarterbacks in high school football last season.  The sky is the limit for Eason, but he won’t get there overnight. 

On the day Eason completed 19 of 29 passes for 244 yards and a touchdown.


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