Top WR: Loved UGA; Loved Eason

ATHENS - He’s got prototypical size and speed, and Jeremiah Holloman is one of the top receivers in the country.

The four-star talent visited UGA for G Day, and said that he was very impressed that Georgia packed in a full house for the spring game.

“The crowd was crazy,” he said. “They had a full house, so we can see that we have fans behind UGA in this new chapter of history. It was great and this was my first spring game.”

With months to go in the recruiting process, Holloman will certainly take in many more visits to other schools. Georgia is fighting most with Tennessee for the Newton prospect, but he also has an offer from Alabama and Michigan. 

But do those programs have a future quarterback the likes of which Georgia does?

“The atmosphere was my favorite part, and I was really impressed with Eason,” he said. 

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