5-Star Robertson Sets Date?

The top remaining player in the class of 2016 will announce on May 2 in Savannah.

Demetris Robertson will announce his college decision on Monday May 2nd, according to Chad Simmons. The plan, for now, according to Simmons, is for the 5-star player to announce his decision at his high school. 

Meanwhile, UGA coach Kirby Smart has been saying the entire spring that he’s eager to sign Robertson and use him as fast as he can. 

“Every chance we get we are recruiting him as hard as we can,” Smart said last week. “We have talked to him a ton about stretching the field vertically.”

Robertson can’t sign with a letter of intent with any institution right now because the NCAA’s allowed dates for signing with any school have passed (February 3 - April 1). That means no matter where Robertson announces, he will not be mandated to go to that school. He will simply be giving his word. Robertson will only truly be locked in to a school when he arrives for enrollment. 

“Georgia has some momentum here, it seems, but this has been one of the most difficult recruiting processes to cover I’ve ever had,” Simmons said. “I have not pretended to know about this one. UGA might have momentum, but this thing could go a number of different ways.”

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