Fast Five: UGA Recruiting

ATHENS - Dawg Post's exclusive recruiting reporting from the mind of Chad Simmons.

—  Demetris Robertson

The plan is still set for him to announce his decision around 1pm ET Sunday at the College Football Hall of Fame.  For those that have followed my coverage of Dee over the past couple of years, especially the past year or so, I have liked UGA chances most of the time...  Even when he committed to Bama, I said watch out for UGA...  Then when many felt it was Notre Dame in January (And I did come out and say they were trending, so I was one of those), it still kept coming back to Georgia...  The news out there is still very fluid and I have heard numerous different things this week, but for the past two weeks, maybe a little longer, it has looked like Robertson would end up in Athens.  I am picking UGA for Robertson as of right now.  What a rollercoaster his recruitment has been, but the end looks to be in sight, and, for now, the hard work Kirby and his staff put into this looks like it will pay off.  Again, with this, nothing is definite, and Cal and Notre Dame cannot be ruled out, but it seems Georgia is really trending in the final hours.


—  D'Antne Demery 

He went to Bama for their spring game instead of G-Day... With that said, UGA is still the school on top and I feel he is a strong UGA lean.  He and Andrew Thomas seem to be the top two OTs on the Georgia board at this time.  I have seen those two and Tony Gray each a couple of times this year, and there is starting to be a little separation there... Thomas and Demery are the top two guys.  Gray is a right tackle, maybe even guard in college.  Good player, but he has not matured as a player like the other two and he does not have the ceiling they have.


—  At Wide Receiver

Georgia trending big with Trey Blount... It is going to be a fight for Jeremiah Holloman.  I give UGA an edge, but it is tight with Tennessee for Holloman.  I expect both Blount and Holloman to make decisions in the coming months.  


—  D'Andre Swift

As Chad Simmons reported the night of G-Day, it was huge for UGA to have D'Andre Swift back on campus for the second time in three weeks.  UGA is trending in a BIG way here.  His parents LOVE the Georgia coaches and Georgia has truly become the school to beat.  Cam Akers and Swift are the top two RB targets.  I expect Sermon to go out of state — Oklahoma trending right now.  Akers expects McGee out in Miss. next week.


—  Who's Next?  Here are five to keep an eye on:


OT Andrew Thomas

OT D'Antne Demery

S Jacoby Stevens

DE Malik Herring

WR Trey Blount 

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