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Leading by Cell Phone

ATHENS - Kirby Smart said he wants a team effort from his quarterbacks this summer to get ready for the 2016 season.

“It’s not an independent contractor where Greyson is doing this, and Brice is doing this and Jacob is doing this,” Kirby said on Wednesday during the SEC’s teleconference with SEC East coaches. “We’re doing it all together. That’s important that we organize it and structure it that way.”


“I challenged each one of (the quarterbacks) to be a leader - to organize and to structure things. It’s not about who’s doing it. It’s not about who gets the credit for doing it. It’s not about who calls the wide receivers. It’s really not about that. It’s about getting all of us better. Those other guys (the other skill players) need just as much work as those three do. They’ve got to challenge their teammates to be there every day and come whenever they want to throw. They need to coordinate that with all of them together.”

Real quick: I’m like everyone else these days in these two ways: 1. A lot of what I “knew” was going to happen went out the door as soon as two things happened: Mike Bobo left, and Mark Richt was fired. Those two things changed my trust level for myself as it relates to things in Athens. 2. Because of that reality I am reading and listening to every word Kirby speaks with a ton of intent. What exactly does he mean when he says a particular thing?

The thing that stuck out to me most today was when Kirby said this about the quarterbacks:

“It’s not about who calls the wide receivers. It’s really not about that.”

Here’s me reading too much into that statement:

Last year all we heard about was that Faton Bauta was leading the summer workouts. That he was in the gym non-stop. If you Faton or know of Faton then you don’t doubt that’s really what went on. 

But what Kirby said today (again, this is just me) was that none of the three quarterbacks are going to get extra points for being the “leader” of the quarterbacks or the team. 

Here’s a question: Considering the reality of all three quarterbacks on campus right now - can any of the three of them truly be the leader of this program? Can Brice Ramsey - last year’s backup and Type B personality? Can Jacob Eason - a true freshman who may or may not know how to take a snap form under center? Can Greyson Lambert - a transfer who flat out struggled the entire season under the previous coaching staff and has not been named the starter, or even separated himself from the other two, more talented players younger than him going into this fall?

It seems clear, from Kirby’s perspective in the spring, that Lambert was the most likely to get on the phone to call players for their seven-on-seven practices in the summer. We know that Kirby has challenge Ramsey to be more of a leader and to take command of the huddle. We know that Kirby is still working on Eason learning how to get under center. 

Let’s be real: all three of these guys have issues. 

But what Kirby said today, at least this is the way I am taking it, is that all three quarterbacks will be judged on what happens on the field - not on a cell phone, and not due to their ability to “rally the troops.”

And if I am judging this competition in the fall by what happens on the field, and G Day is my only real measuring point, Smart still has a long way to go in determining who his signal caller is.


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