Fast Five: In-State Challenges

This Fast Five will feature five in-state UGA targets that the Dawgs still have a lot of work to do to get them into the 2017 class...

—  ATH/DB DeAngelo Gibbs

This is going to be a BATTLE...  I feel his interest in UGA is a little stronger than some may think, but this is going to be a fight until the end for the Dawgs.  Georgia is in it, but many others are as well.  Alabama and Tennessee are two very strong players in this race.  Georgia will likely have Gibbs on campus 3-4 more times at least before he signs his papers.  This is going to be one that goes all the way until February.


—  DE/Hybrid Robert Beal

I really thought UGA had this one, but it has opened back up a little the last few weeks.  He is really talking to FSU and Texas a lot more with Alabama still very much in this as well.  It was about Robert and his sister going to the same school, but that is no longer the case...  They had a long family talk and it was too much to ask Robert to basically decide for two and limit his schools to the only ones where his and his sister could attend together.  That has opened things back a little for him.  Georgia is still a player, a major one, but they are not sitting as pretty as they were a month or so ago.


—  DE/Hybrid Walter Grant

The battle is on here...  Georgia is in the top three with Alabama and FSU.  FSU is right down the road from Cairo and he has always loved Bama.  UGA is working hard here and the head coach (Steve Devoursney) likes the Dawgs, so that could help a little, but this one is very close right now.  Grant is very quiet and he could pop this week or in late January, but Georgia has to work hard to keep this four star in state.


—  QB/ATH Tray Bishop

Auburn is the one Georgia has to beat here.  He has been VERY close to committing to the Tigers on multiple occasions, but has held off.  Georgia is recruiting Bishop primarily as a dual-threat QB.  He likes that and he likes the new staff in Athens, but Auburn has been on him longer, he likes the AU offense, and they offered VERY early.  Georgia likes Bishop a lot. 


—  DB A.J. Terrell

Auburn and Florida are Georgia's biggest competition here.  My gut says Terrell is higher on UGA than he lets on, but even people close to him say UGA has a lot of work to do here.  The more they get him on campus around other commits, the better for UGA.  He knows a lot of the guys committed to UGA very well and they really could end up being the deciding factor here.  I give Auburn the edge right now, but this is close.  Georgia has a real shot to land Terrell, and like I said earlier, I feel they are in a better place than he lets on.


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