Kirby Smart's Recruiting Challenges at UGA

ATHENS - Chad Simmons lists Kirby Smart's biggest recruiting challenges at UGA.

1.  It always starts with keeping the best at home when you are the head coach at Georgia.  The talent is so rich and deep, that it is impossible to get them all, but he can't let Robert Nkemdiche, Raekwon McMillan, Reuben Foster, Derrick Brown, Demetris Robertson — all the elite talent get away.

2.  Let the NFL Draft success reflect the on-the-field performance.  Georgia is up there with Alabama, FSU, LSU and Ohio State when talking the most draft picks the last decade, but they are the one without a national title.  If you win, they will come.

3.  The pressure is he has to win and win fast.  Kirby Smart is known as a great defensive mind one of the best recruiters, but now as a head coach, he has to show he can win at a very high level to get the best.

4.  To pull in national recruits.  Sure, he can start in Georgia, expand a little into Florida and the Carolinas, but he has to be able to pull from other areas to get the best class each cycle.

5.  Always being organized and detailed.  He has to find players first in Georgia, and not let other top programs offer them before UGA does.  Mark Richt had UGA behind here, so Smart needs that to change, and make the adjustments to be first to find kids in their backyard.


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