Star RB Cam Akers Visits UGA

How was Cam Akers' trip to UGA? What's the latest with Jacoby Stevens? Jeremiah Holloman - what's on his mind? Find out inside...

Here are some notes:


—  Jacoby Stevens was set to commit on his birthday, July 19, but that is no longer his plan.  There is no date set now and he released a new group of schools Monday night.  I still get the feeling he will commit later this summer, but he does not want to have a date where people expect him to have his mind made up.  Alabama has made a move here.  I still see UGA as the school to beat, but Bama was in town last week, he has spoke with them, and now he is planning to visit them this summer.  He does plan to get back to Athens as well.


— Cam Akers made it to Athens to hangout for a bit, but his father was not able to make it.  Akers is VERY comfortable with the Georgia staff and the Dawgs are very much in this race. At the Cam Newton 7v7 Monday, Breon Dixon and Richard LeCounte worked Akers a little.  You can see Dixon and Cam in the picture below.



—  Jeremiah Holloman is planing to visit numerous schools this summer — Georgia and Tennessee are two of them.  If he ends up anywhere else, I will be surprised.  Georgia may be trending here a little.  He is hearing from numerous UGA commits and he, and his family are very high on the Dawgs.  A summer decision is still possible here.


—  Who's next?  I still say Scout 100 OL D'Antne Demery out of Brunswick, Ga. No date is set, but UGA has been trending and I expect him to commit in June.


—  UGA commit Trey Blount was VERY good Monday at the Cam Newton 7v7.  He split the secondary a couple of times and just outran DBs for TDs.  He is not flashy, but he does so many things so well.  I think one service has him as a three star — VERY surprised.


—  I am still hearing good things concerning UGA with DL Malik Herring.  He and Mary Persons take on Jake Fromm and Houston County August 18 at Mercer and I am looking forward to that.  I will post a full update on Herring Wednesday.  


—  Between now and Labor Day, I expect some decisions to be made.  I could see UGA adding anywhere from 2-6 between now and then.  I lean towards the lower side of that, but you never know how things can change.  I do expect numerous guys to wait things out until at least an AA game, maybe SD.

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