Dean Legge/Dawg Post

What Successful Attributes do UGA Prospects Need?

Chad Simmons lists the top five attributes a prospect needs to be successful in college.

1.  Desire to be great.  To be great regardless of size or speed, you have to want to.

2.  Size.  There are some exceptions, but to be a real impact guy at a top program, you need size in today's game of football.

3.  Mental toughness.  You have to enter college with an open mind ready to listen, learn, and grind it out for 12 months a year.  You will get beat a lot more in college maybe in a week than you did in a year while in high school.

4.  Being coachable.  Things are not always going to go the way you expected them to when you get to the next level.  Most of the top prospects are stars at their high schools, but they will be asked to do things differently, learn new positions, and play differently, so they have to be receptive.

5.  Athleticism.  Regardless of where you play, you need to be some type of an athlete.  The game is getting faster and faster, so how you move is so vital.

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