Legge's Thoughts: Fromm Puts on a Show

ATHENS - Dean Legge’s take on Jake Fromm’s day in Athens.

I’d not seen much of Houston County QB Jake Fromm until Friday - only once before. He’s certainly a gamer. He can make every throw - no question. In fact, I would say the ball comes off his hand quicker that I expected. 

Fromm and Houston seemed to get tired after a few games. They lost to a more energetic Griffin team in the semifinals. Those Bears’ QB, Tylan Morton, is a pretty good thrower, too. 

Fromm is a shorter, thicker guy than any of the three monsters on UGA’s campus right now. But he certainly seems like a pocket guy in the future. He’s going to be able to concentrate on football from here on out, and that should help. But his pedigree in baseball, which included winning two state titles, furthers his reputation as a winner. 

A lot of insiders told me that that Fromm is a “gamer”. I certainly see what they are talking about. He’s a field commander. He seems polished with where he wants folks to line up and where he wants to go with the ball. Fromm encourages. He’s certainly a leader. All of the intangible things folks talk about that they want from a quarterback - Fromm has those right now. Guys seemed to respond to him as well. He also helped an injured teammate off of the field near the end of the Griffin game in what appeared to be one part compassion, two parts “hurry up; we are trying to win”.

Leadership or command of the huddle won’t be an issue for him in the future.

In terms of where I would rank Fromm in Georgia - I would have him as the No. 1 quarterback prospect in the state. I’ve seen Davis Mills (yesterday at the Kirby Smart Camp), Bailey Hockman, Chase Brice and others. For my money Fromm is the best of that particular bunch. Mills must have had a heck of a run at the Elite 11 to pass Fromm. 

The immediate and natural question is as follows: Can Fromm beat out Jacob Eason for the starting quarterback job at UGA? Sure. There are no guarantees in this game. Eason has a better frame. His arm talent very well could be better. But Eason appears, at least to me, to be more raw than Fromm. 

Eason is going to have to develop. Fromm will as well. Both one of these guys must get used to playing quarterback under center. Neither seems/seemed to do that consistently in high school. If you want prototypical NFL then you go with Eason. But if the game is about the development of a player for the 2017 season and beyond we really can’t know what reality will be at that time. 

Fromm does seem like less of a project than Eason, but it also feels like he’s got a lower ceiling. This may well be a race between the two to see who can develop faster for a UGA program that should be light years ahead of where it is right now by the time they are upperclassmen. 

To make the assumption that Eason will start and be the man without any competition from Fromm is naive. UGA can have success with Fromm or Eason. That they will both be in Athens in the future is a good thing.

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