Chat Recap with Georgia Commitment.

Elite 11 QB, #8 in the country by, and Georgia Commitment <b>A.J. Bryant</b> joined the Dawgpost Chat for a 30 minute Q&A with the members of the Dawgpost. Here is a recap of yesterday's chat.

The format for the chat was as follows: A.J. Bryant was on the telephone with Southeastern Recruiting Analyst Scott Kennedy. Scott fielded questions from members of the Dawgpost in the chat room, and relayed them to A.J.. A.J. then answered, and Scott relayed the answers back to the members of the Dawgpost via the chat room. 

The following transcript is an edited version of the chat dialogue to appear in a much easier to read Q&A format.

Scott Kennedy: All right, let's get started
Scott Kennedy: I have AJ on the line, and he is open for your questions....

OleRolodawg: What number will he wear?
A.J. Bryant: Rolo - I want to wear #10. That's been my number since middle school.

GirderBenderDawg: Who are the best WRs you've seen at Camps?
A.J. Bryant: Calvin Johnson, I can't think of anyone else right off the bat

Uga4Life: question: did the staff tell you they would continue to recruit another QB and how do you feel about that?
A.J. Bryant: UGA4life - I think they told me, I don't really know, it doesn't matter though, there's going to be competition everywhere. Once we get in pads though it doesn't matter. I'm not ever giving up, and I'll keep battling to play.

byoungjr: Here you go... Do you feel relaxed and more focused now that the recruiting process is over
A.J. Bryant: yes, a whole lot. I can concentrate more on the season.

bhdawg: AJ what was the most important thing about GA that drew you to them 
A.J. Bryant: the care that the coaches showed, the environment. It's not all just about winning

GirderBenderDawg: does he plan to help recruit other guys? 
A.J. Bryant: Yes, I was trying to work on Calvin Johnson at the camp.

bhdawg: AJ what was the most important thing about GA that drew you to them
A.J. Bryant: The care that the coaches showed, the environment. It's not all just about winning

GirderBenderDawg: does he plan to help recruit other guys?
A.J. Bryant: Yes, I was trying to work on Calvin at the camp,

byoungjr: What were your feelings about your ability after the Elite 11 camp.  Did your performance there give you more confidence in yourself?
A.J. Bryant: It gave me a whole lot more confidence, I didn't think I was THAT good (laughing), now it makes you want to work that much harder and keep it up.

irondawg34: has he had a chance to see all of the girls here?
A.J. Bryant: man, there are pretty girls in Athens

OleRolodawg: How big are you right now?
A.J. Bryant: I don't know, Scott, How big am I right now?
Scott Kennedy: 6-2/190

Dawgiestyle: What will AJ major in or what are his academic interests?
A.J. Bryant: I plan on majoring in some type of business or sports medicine, something like that

byoungjr: Who have been the toughest players you have faced in HS
A.J. Bryant: Jeremy Wiggins from North East Macon is the best play I've faced, but you probably don't know him.

Walkerdawg: Are you being recruited as a QB, and have they ever talked to you about playing another position?
A.J. Bryant: I'm being recruited to play QB. No, they have not talked to me about playing another position.

GirderBenderDawg: Who is he MOST looking forward to playing?
A.J. Bryant: Florida and Tennessee

Dawgiestyle: Is AJ ready to march Peach County to the Dome this fall?
A.J. Bryant: Oh, yeah, Mary Persons will probably be the best team we face in the regular season.

AlDog: What are his impressions on Coach Richt?
A.J. Bryant: He's a great coach, I think he is real and down to earth, very understanding

byoungjr: How many games to you plan on attending this fall?
A.J. Bryant: I want to play in 15 games this fall. Oh wait, Georgia Games. I want to make about 4 or 5 of those.

CatfishUGA: Are there any HS seniors that he's seen at camps that he'd like to see with him at UGA
A.J. Bryant: Calvin Johnson and Brandon Miller are guys I'd like to get, and we're pretty much getting the rest of them (SK Comment - how you like that answer!)

GirderBenderDawg: Now that you're an Elite 11 QB....will your coach Throw it more?
A.J. Bryant: Girder- (laughing) probably a little bit more, but me making the elite 11 doesn't have anything to do with it

bhdawg: What player if any that is not committed has told you he is coming to ga
A.J. Bryant: I haven't talked to anyone that says that, one of the big guys from Westlake (Courtney Abbott) said something like that

irondawg34: Do you play with UGA on PS2 or xBox or do you like to play with other teams
Scott Kennedy: I missed this question in the Chat, but A.J. played with Georgia at the Elite 11 NCAA 2004 Tournament they had with all of the players.

Sourceless - who do you model your game after?
A.J. Bryant: Michael Vick

Sourceless - what do you need to work on
A.J. Bryant: I'd like to work on my accuracy

RichtDawg1: how far can AJ throw it sitting still in the pocket? 60 yards?
A.J. Bryant: Richtdawg - I can throw it about 50 yards flat foot

Uga4Life: If you had to critque yourself what are your strengths and weaknesses?
A.J. Bryant: Strengths? Man, I don't know, I make good decisions. Scott, you've seen me play, what do you think?
Scott Kennedy: Well, he's obviously humble, that's a strength. Speed, poise, quickness of delivery, accuracy. Weaknesses: I think his arm can still get stronger, but it's strong enough.

GirderBenderDawg: Does he have the weapons on his team to win state?
A.J. Bryant: Yeah, I think we can definitely win the state.

CatfishUGA: What team would you like to beat the most each season going in?
A.J. Bryant: Northside Warner Robins, I'm 0-2 against them so far.

AlDog: Did AJ grow up a Dawg fan or was it the recruiting that sold him?
A.J. Bryant: It was the recruiting that sold me. I really first started liking Georgia in the 10th grade, they first contacted me by a letter in 11th grade

AIPdawg: what instructions, advice, things to do did the UGA staff give you to work on until you get to school?
A.J. Bryant: AIP - just want me to focus on my senior year, keep working hard, and keep working on the academics

RichtDawg1: what do you do in your free time? golf? pS2?
A.J. Bryant:  I cut the grass (laughs).

AIPdawg: how are your academics?
Scott Kennedy: A.J. has a 3.8 GPA

Uga4Life:  Whats in the CD player right now??
A.J. Bryant: Kirk Franklin. He's Gospel.

bhdawg: AJ what is some of your goals when you get to Georgia?
A.J. Bryant: first off, I want to get my work done, I want to learn as much as possible on the field, oh, yeah, and to win the national championship
A.J. Bryant: more than once

irondawg34: what does AJ think about our team this year
A.J. Bryant: I think we're pretty good, I think we can win it again this year

We would like to thank A.J. Bryant for joining us this evening, and we would like to thank the Members of The Dawgpost for coming by as well!
Look for more chats with prospects through the season.

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