The Amazing Nick Chubb

ATHENS - Nick Chubb’s power is back. That is to say he may have never lost it.

The junior running back, who suffered a season-ending knee injury last fall, front squatted 375 pounds this week… the most of any player on the team. The amount of work Chubb has done to get to this point is hard to quantify because 

But the 375-pound number for the front squat is true according to multiple sources inside of the program. 

“Yeah, that’s real,” one person in the program confirmed.

Does that mean Chubb will be able to cut with precision this fall? Does it mean he’s 100% ready to play this fall? Does it mean we should expect the old Nick Chubb when the new Nick Chubb returns?

We can’t know the answers to those questions. But a long-time friend of mine in the strength and conditioning community said this of Chubb’s front squat number:

“Freaks can do 315 lbs or more,” he said. “Whoever did 375 is a total freak.”

I hesitated to write this story because it will do nothing more than raise expectations. But word like this will get out soon enough. We should not forget just how far Chubb has come, and that he still has a long way to go before UGA kicks off with North Carolina in September.

Nonetheless - 375 pounds? That’s amazing. 

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