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How Brice Ramsey Can Win the UGA Job

ATHENS - Dean Legge breaks down what Brice Ramsey must do to win the starting QB job at UGA.

How do you go from being the presumptive starting quarterback to the starting punter in a matter of ten months? That’s a question that’s still confusing to many, but the simple answer is that Ramsey can punt pretty well. 

The quarterback part still seems up in the air.

What we do know now about Ramsey is that he didn’t transfer, and so he’s very much in the fight for the starting QB job this fall. In fact, Ramsey went from being the No. 2 QB at the start of camp to sharing the No. 1 spot with Greyson Lambert by the end of spring. Ramsey and Jacob Eason had the best performances during the spring football game - both outperformed returning starter Lambert that day. 

New coach Kirby Smart has been “pleasantly surprised” with Ramsey, a quarterback the previous staff seemingly went out of its way not to play. If Brice Ramsey is going to be the starting quarterback at UGA he’s going to have to take firm control his own trajectory. 

That means being more vocal, something that doesn’t come easy for the junior. Natural talent isn’t a problem. He’s certainly more gifted than Lambert, and that there is a quarterback competition right now means that Lambert - although he’s returning as the starter - hasn’t done what he needed to do to lock up the job for the fall of 2016. 

More than anything, Ramsey needs to trust himself again. He needs to think less and revive the confidence he had going into the spring and fall of 2015 and realize that all of the stupidity that happened in 2015 is over now. 

Its up to Ramsey to get the job done.

With the exception of the 2015 Alabama game, Ramsey has actually performed pretty well at UGA when he’s been put in. Then again, if we are judging folks’ careers by their performances in that game a lot of guys would have had failed careers. 

Mike Bobo’s departure for Colorado State certainly set in place a slew of events that ended the season with Ramsey punting more often than throwing. 

And while losing Bobo not only hurt Ramsey, but also the program, the former coordinator’s departure is no longer an excuse for Ramsey not starting. It is true that Jim Chaney is Ramsey’s third offensive coordinator in three years, but at least Ramsey now has a chance to correct what went wrong in 2015. If what insiders are saying is true - that Ramsey improved the most of the three signal callers this spring - then he might have a good chance of being under center against the Tar Heels. If not… there’s always punting. 

The simple way to put it for Ramsey is as follows: He need to go snatch the job from Greyson Lambert. All the potential that came with the Camden product when he arrived on campus hasn’t vanished. Ramsey needs to believe in himself, and trust his natural abilities. 

If he does that there’s no telling how far he can lead this program if he steps up and takes the job, but that’s up to him and no one else.  

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