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Fast Five: Things Wrong About Recruiting

Chad Simmons lays out things to be wary of in the recruiting game.

1.  You can't always believe the hype.  You have to see it and get your own evaluation.  Kids can blow up simply by the word of mouth.

2.  Do not put too much weight into a camp performance in shorts and t-shirts.  It is a great tool, but you have to see them playing real football, too. 

3.  You have to look everywhere.  Just because a prospect is not in a big media market or playing against the best in Florida does not mean he isn't one of the best.  As many resources as we have now, kids still get overlooked and are under-valued as recruits.

4.  Assuming everyone is a five star because he has every offer in the SEC.  Not all offers carry the same weight as others.  Many offers are made just to get a school on a prospect's mind while they are still being evaluated.  You cannot rank a prospect off offers or judge them too deeply as a talent.

5.  We are just starting to realize how important kickers/punters are in the game now.  You are seeing more and more offers go out to specialists, and that is with good reason.

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