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2016 SEC Media Days: Jeb Blazevich Q&A

HOOVER, Ala. - UGA TE Jeb Blazevich talks with the media at 2016 SEC Media Days

On expectations at UGA: 

“This year I think fans do expect a lot, you could see that from our spring game, 93,000 and probably more. I am sure a lot more people could fit into those stands, so that is a unique environment. I think the fans are ready, we’re ready, so I think they should expect a lot and that is the culture we want around here. A culture of high expectations because we surely set it for ourselves so we want our fans to expect the same.”

On how he will be used this year on offense:

“Once again not to compare anything but in terms of this year, what I am focusing on is that we have an opportunity. We are still developing our identity as an offense, so that is what fall camp is for and this summer in particular. I think we are all trying to be detail-oriented, hard workers, and be a tough and physical team. But in terms of the tight ends’ role in specific, I think it is still up to us in terms of what we show in camp of what we can do. If we go out there and we have a terrible camp, I would not want him (Coach Chaney) to put the three of us out on the field. But if we go out and do amazing, I think we earned the right to be out there, so that is still up to us to be able to show Coach Chaney that he can put his trust in us. That is why I am really thankful for the guys in the tight end group because I don’t think there is a better group of guys I would rather be going through this with.

On Coach Chaney:

“He is something else, he is awesome and he is really funny. He will get you on the field and coach you up and then when you get off the field he will make jokes on how you screwed up but it is not in a mean way but you can laugh. So he is really awesome and a personable guy. I think all of the players relate to him well.”

On Tight End Brotherhood

“We always try to be Tight End University, that is what we try to promote, that is what we try to claim. So it is up to us as a group to go out there and work hard and improve. In terms of our tight end group right now compared to how it has been in the past, we have a tight knit group of guys, especially this year. I love the guys we have in there, we are all like- minded and all hang out, we all stay together and go to the movies together, we just hang around. The is such a special thing when you compete with guys that you enjoy their company because when you enjoy the guy next to you , you want what is best for him and you can turn it up that extra notch because they know it is coming from love. So it is just a special group.”

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