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Kublanow: "We Are Having a Great Time"

HOOVER, Ala. - Mark Richt was an incredibly well respected and consistent coach in his time at Georgia.

His development of quarterbacks was matched only by his moral backbone. Unfortunately, his inability to compete for national titles ultimately resulted in his firing. In his absence, Georgia brought in Alabama defensive coordinator Kirby Smart. 

While Kirby Smart was arguably the most qualified coordinator in college football, it was still unknown how the Georgia players would react. According to center Brandon Kublanow, Coach Smart is actually quite similar to Richt. “I don’t know if Coach Smart is really that different, but we’re having a great time. He runs around all over the field, I think he’s an amazing coach and he’s really doing well.”

Although Kublanow was impressed with Smart, there was one thing above all else that stood out to him. “The biggest thing with him is attention to detail.” According to Kublanow and tight end Jeb Blazevich, Kirby Smart’s first team meeting addressed one thing in particular: doing the little things right to be successful. 

Kublanow also addressed the expectations Smart could expect at Georgia: “Coach Smart obiously has high expecttations, as we always do at UGA. I think he’s going to do a great job. He’s an amazing coach, he’s done an amazing job so far during the transition and I’m really excited to play for him.”

While life after Richt may be difficult at first, from all indications Kirby Smart has been doing a tremendous job leading this team in the summer. If Smart can keep up his momentum with his recruits and his players, expect big things from Georgia in the years to come.

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